Yahoo Directory: Introduced in 1994, the web directory was the very first product introduced by Yahoo. While both clean and user-friendly like all of Yahoo’s products, the cost of inclusion in this guide can be high. It runs three hundred dollars a year for standard content, but unlike most other web directories, Yahoo also offers web sites with adult content the opportunity to list at six hundred dollars a year. Yahoo also offers other marketing techniques for different fees.

JoeAnt: After stopped; some of those people joined together to form Joe Ant. Launched in 2001, its editorial staff is comprised primarily of web citizens. One of the least expensive paid sites; a site submission request must be accompanied by a non-refundable 39.99 "speed pass" purchase. This fee only guarantees that an editor will review the submission quickly, not that it will be included in the directory.

Top 10 Web Directories For Submitting Websites
Aviva Directory: Launched in 2005, Aviva Directory is a Canadian site, owned and maintained by Jeff Behrendt. Aviva offers both permanent and yearly listing purchases, at $149.95 for one permanent listing and $49.95 to renew the listing annually. There does not seem to be any time line offered for how long it will take to see the newly submitted site listed in the directory, but the time frame should be as competitive as the prices.

DMOZ: Also known as "The Open Directory Project," and ultimately owned by Netscape, this project is advertised as "the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web." Staffed totally by volunteers and completely free to submit listings, this project functions much like Wikipedia. Launched in 1998, this directory has always been free for submissions and claims that it will never charge for them.

Best Of The Web: Introduced in 1994 by the University of Buffalo, New York, "BOTW" has been one of the top directories every year since then. Although no longer giving them out, BOTW was the first directory to offer yearly "Best Of" awards. They should not have stopped since their "award" trend has grown tremendously and now the "Webby Awards" is a huge star-studded event. BOTW offers both annual and lifetime inclusion rates, at $149.95 and $299.95, respectively.

Virtual Library: Began in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML, The Virtual Library also has the distinction of being the oldest operating directory on the Internet. While not as well known as some of these other directories, it is a very good and trusted source for information. Run solely on donations and volunteers, it is another excellent directory that has been able to continue to operate free of charge for the Webmasters.

Directory Journal: This very clean and user-friendly site has been operational since 2007. The support staff is very quick to respond, and thorough in addressing their customers’ concerns. The Directory Journal offers a range of plans for both the "yearly renewal" and the "lifetime" listings. Prices begin at sixty and one hundred fifty dollars, respectively. They also offer a larger array of Webmaster tools than many other sites in the same price category.

Business: This site was launched in 1999 and caters solely to online business. With many tools besides the directory, is designed to help businesses flourish and consumers to make the smartest purchase decisions. With listing rates at $299 per year, the cost is not inexpensive, but they offer a wide range of unique tools, designed for the online entrepreneur.

Note: Two more directories will be added soon.