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At the most basic level, a loan is one entity giving an asset to another for a specific period of time, at which point the asset must be returned. The entities involved can be people, businesses, banks or governments. The asset can be just about anything; however, by far the most common asset to be loaned is money. The period of time varies from contract to contract.

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Some loans, such as one person lending a lawnmower to a neighbor, are without cost and have a short duration. These are not the norm. The most standard type of loan is a financial institution -- usually a bank or credit union -- lending a certain sum of money to a person or business that needs more money on hand than they currently have access to. These types of loans are not without cost.

The cost associated with a loan is called interest. When a sum of money is loaned to a person or business, each month that person or business must pay back a portion of the loan. The exact amount owed is calculated from the remaining balance of the loan plus an interest rate. This way the bank or financial institution makes money by lending money. This allows them to lend more money to more people, and make more profit to continue the cycle.

Loans are generally subject to a great deal of oversight. Each loan is attached to a contract with significant penalties for non-repayment. Usually the penalties result in more money being owed in the future. Borrowers can manage the amount of money owed by paying more than the minimum repayment amount each month.

The less they pay each month, the more principle balance remains, and the more money is added due to interest rates. Typically, borrowers receive loans to pay for large purchases, such as college tuition, a new vehicle, a new home or funding a business.


    Offers short-term loans to Canadians with options for flexible repayment. Users are enabled to apply online without documents or a credit check and they receive approval and the money within 24 hours.

  • Avant Consulting
    A Singapore based business SME bank loan broker, consultant and adviser.

  • Dr. Broker
    Dr. Broker Pty Ltd distinguishes itself in the finance sector with its principal and loan writer leading the charge..

  • Sound Financial
    Sound Financial is an online marketplace that promotes socially-responsible lending by providing bad credit borrowers with the insights they need to make better financial decisions.

  • Alameda Title Loans
    Offers low interest secured loans using one's car as collateral.

    Provides a fast and convenient calculation for vehicle loan payments. Buyers enter the purchase price, down payment, interest rate, and payment frequency to quickly see their amortizing payment amount.

  • BezBiku
    Offering information about loans without BIK, comparisons, charts and more.

  • Buddy Loans
    A a personal, unsecured loans website. They personal loan between £1,000 to £7,500. Approved by financial conduct authorities.

  • Can
    Helps tp avoiding high interest loans in Canada. Choosing lending products by province based on local usury laws. Reviews of online and storefront payday lenders.

  • Canadian Loan Directory
    Directory of companies providing financing to Canadian residents and businesses. Includes listings for mortgages, unsecured loans, debt consolidation, refinancing, lines of credit, and other loans.

  • Car Title Loans Fast
    Get a Car Title Loan Fast any where in the US through our online portal. Just apply and a professional will contact with you details about getting a title loan up to $50,000.

  • CareCredit
    This company gives pet owners a way to pay their veterinary bills. People can also use these loans to help pay for their dental work. It allows companies to pay while the owners can pay them a little at a time.

  • ChwilowkidlaSprytnych
    Operates in loans market (pożyczki chwilówki) in Poland and offer comparisons and rankings that allow for the most optimal choice among numerous loan lenders. We are also a source of valuable knowledge and advice that help potential borrowers in a more comprehensive approach to borrowing money. Tools that we offer are 100% free and online.

  • Embassy Auto Title Loans
    An auto equity loan providers in the state of Florida for over 10 years. They provide loans based on the equity of your vehicle and not based on your credit.

  • Find Loans in New Zealand
    A comprehensive portal offering information, tips and advice on NZ loan related topics. On their website a user can find reviews of NZ loan providers as well.

  • Flash Car Title Loans
    Based in Orange, CA the company offers cash loans for all credit applicants.

  • Fresno Title Loan
    Offers car title loans in Fresno California. Users can submit an online loan application.

  • Lainapanimo
    A loan comparison and resource site intended for Finnish consumers that allow people to quickly and thoroughly look up and compare Finland based lenders and their loan products.

  • Lending Tree
    This company offers automotive and mortgage loans to people through a large group of vendors. They are also available to help with refinancing your current mortgage.

  • Nevada Payday Lenders
    Lists and compares many of the largest payday loan companies that provide financing in Nevada. There's also a subsection that focuses on lenders who specialize in providing loans in the greater Las Vegas area.

  • North Hollywood Title Loans
    Offers title loans in three steps: present the title of your car, get approved and get the cash you need.

  • OneMain Financial
    This company offers personal loans up to 10,000 dollars. It may even be available the same day. They also offer loans for many other reasons such as debt consolidation, home improvement, and other times when you need money unexpectedly.

  • Online Loan Calculator
    Free loan calculator; users can use the tool to estimate their monthly car, truck, or personal loan repayments.

  • Payday
    Get a payday loan from the trusted face of payday loans since 1998. could get you up to £1,000 in your bank account within 15 minutes!

  • Payday Loans South Africa
    Provides payday loans for South African residents up to R2500. No credit checks required.

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