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  • Adage: Advertising Age
    Providing information and intelligence about the marketing and media community. The organization covers strategic topics such as CMO strategy, and data-driven marketing. It also provides breaking news (about advertising and marketing) on social and digital media.

  • Black Propeller
    A digital marketing agency specializing PPC management.

  • eMarketer EP
    An organization that provides ad agencies, media companies and major brands information-research-insights and benchmarks-that supports informed decision-making about being more effective in the business world.

  • Fountain Forward Marketing Agency
    A Houston based marketing agency which offers complete solution for small businesses' marketing problems.

  • Gozzipp: SocialNetwork
    Users can meet new people and make more friends; connect, share and enjoy; listen to music and watch the videos.

  • iMedia Communications, Inc. EP
    The firm serves as a global community of senior brand and agency marketer. The community's chief role is to hold major events and publish daily content for marketers, including the iMedia Agency and Brand Summits.

  • Lead Generation Specialists
    Leads By Design LLC are experts in designing and building custom lead generation campaigns that bring targeted customers, that are interested in your product or service.

  • Marketing Profs
    An educational marketing research and training website that targets individuals, companies, and big organizations. It provides information about trustworthy marketing experts as well as general marketing information.

  • Marketing Sherpa EP
    Focuses exclusively on marketing research for businesses. The website is made up of articles, videos, blogs, reports, and educational summits for existing and upcoming entrepreneurs.

  • Social Media Today EP
    An independent online media and events company that focuses on marketing, communication, customer experience, content marketing and digital strategy professionals, among others.

  • UK Marketing Management Ltd EP
    A UK and international list broker. Their services include; UK and international postal data rental, email list rental, email marketing, email broadcasting, direct mail, mailing services, database management and response handling.

  • US Marketing Management Inc.
    US Marketing Management Inc. is a data broker and has a huge portfolio of opt-in Business lists and Consumer lists for mailing and email, making us the ideal one stop shop for direct marketing and lists.

  • Yellow Pages Directory Inc.
    Businesses in the United States have the opportunity to add listings to the directory and promote their business while supporting the movement towards opting out of print as the service provides an environmentally friendly search engine and directory vigorously supporting the green movement.

  • AdStar
    Advertising solutions for the online medium. Publishers, advertisers, agencies and service providers can benefit from their services and consultant solutions.

  • Digital Business
    An online store which grants access to training lessons on the internet that show you step by step, how to set up your very own online business.

  • Instagram Web Viewer
    An Instagram web viewer for people search, tag search, popular tags and pictures on Instagram and more.

  • Joomph EP
    An online tool for creating social networks of different kinds. You can register and subscribe in minutes and have your own social network. For example, you can create a network for your school or organization.

  • Karimium: PPC and Adwords Consultant
    Freelancer offers Adwords consultancy services. A past work section and a quote form available.

  • Nautical
    Nauticalâ„¢ is an online marketing agency providing Website Audits, Keyword Research, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and Paid Social services to surround potential customers with messaging in various channels, to increase conversions and sales.

  • Poller & Jordan Advertising Agency
    Based in Miami, Florida, this advertising agency offers a full spectrum of services. Everything from indoor and outdoor advertising campaigns, along with online advertising campaigns.

  • Sonic Promos
    Creative and marketing solutions ranging from physical marketing through labeled products to online logo design and marketing strategies.

  • Soulpepper
    Delivering SEO services, PPC, email marketing and online marketing strategies; based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Spark
    Provides logo and product customization. The website offers an advanced search query which allows users to perform a search based on price, product and quantity. You can also receive quotes on the products you wish to purchase.

  • Success Concepts Online
    Business and greeting cards for all occasion. More information about other cards can be found on website, along with contact information in order to receive a quote.

  • Twitter Followers Trend
    Helping people to to boost their social presence.

    is first of a kind website platform specialized in online contests. Participants can join the contests and compete with other users for the top places who guarantee cash awards. The businesses create their own contests to engage VOUBS users and build up their brand awareness.

  • Yellow Pages Profit
    Online business that takes your ads and phone numbers and prints them in the Yellow Pages, thus granting more exposure to your business and increasing the number of calls you get from perspective clients.

Online Advertising Web Directory

Advertising revenue is what makes the Internet so successful for so many companies, and advertising online is one of the best ways to reach your target audience quickly and efficiently.

You can do your own research by using your favorite web directory and advertise on websites that are designed to reach your target audience, or you can go with one of the larger online advertising companies that already know how to reach your audience and they will save you a lot of time and money. The Internet is used by millions of people a day, and considering the exposure your online advertising gets it is inexpensive to execute.

There are many avenues for advertising free online that you can use to help increase your bottom line. The ironic thing about websites such as classified sites and message boards is that it is advertising revenue that keeps them going. So you could be advertising for free on a website that is costing someone else money to be seen on.

That is the great thing about online advertising, at some point you get a huge return on your investment that you were not expecting and it could be at the expense of your biggest competitor.
Online advertising is something that most of the business owners take advantage of due to the fact that Internet provides even more people and potential customers in comparison with the TV or radio that are nowadays sort of old fashioned. Online advertising deals with the placement of ads, and banners on certain sites that record an increased numbers of visitors per day, so the possibility of visitors to click on those specific ads significantly increases. Online advertising has many branches, some of the most important consist in blog advertising and online advertising agencies. Regardless of the method of promoting a business, all of them are highly efficient and guarantee an improvement in the sales and therefore in the revenue of a business.

This area of advertising is beginning to gain more and more ground and agencies that deal with this get billions of dollars anually from businesses that want to be promoted. Web directories such as can be considered a form of online advertising since they list sites in order for visitors to access them easier. Making sites more accessible to users makes a great team with making sites popular among Internet surfers.

Online advertising is most effective when it is teamed up with offline advertising to try and gain the maximum exposure possible. In the end the ultimate goal of all online and offline advertising is to increase web traffic and corporate sales, so it makes sense that a more focused cooperation between online and offline advertising is preferable to using only one type of advertising.

Explore the Internet and find websites and web communities that you think you may be able to help with your offering, and then devise an online advertising campaign to reach that group. Always remember that the end result of your online advertising is to get people to read more information, or purchase products, from your website so be sure to include your web address in a prominent spot on all of your advertising.