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  • Aerial Aid
    Specialise in domestic and commercial digital TV aerial and satellite dish installations and repairs throughout Cumbria & Lancashire.

  • Aerial Force: London
    Specialising in domestic and commercial digital TV aerial and satellite dish installations and repairs around the city.

  • Astounded Entertainment Products
    UK based online shop for complete PA systems, disco lights, lasers, speakers and all your band and DJ audio equipment.

  • Bittele Electronics EP
    A company that established itself as a one-stop PCB assembly services provider for prototype and small volume electronic contract manufacturing.

  • China Vao
    We provide a great choice of consumer electronics products at wholesale prices from China.

  • DigitalSmart
    RDI-LB Licensed aerial and satellite installers offering coverage of London and the south east of the UK.

  • Ducktoes Computer Repair
    A computer repair and services company in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Graphene Information
    Website dedicated to investment opportunities in grapheme, a two dimensional layer of graphite, the same stuff which makes up charcoal and graphite.

  • Phones LTD
    A UK price comparison website service for mobile and smart phone contract deals, pay as you go offers and SIM Free prices. Other services include latest mobile industry news, phone reviews from users and experts plus phone specifications and videos.

  • Riviera Multimedia
    Specialists in media packaging, CD and DVD media as well as clam shells, stationery, DVD duplication.

    A technology website covering smart phones, cell phones, tablet computers, TVs, Blu-Ray players and related consumer technology. Hundreds of independent expert reviews and thousands of user reviews available.

  • SIM Only Deals
    Compare SIM only deals and contracts from the major network providers: 3 Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2.

  • Speedtech International, Inc.
    Cable ties manufacturer, wholesaler and customizer for custom printing or sizes of cable ties. Reusable hook and loop cinch straps, ties and tapes come in many colors, sizes and industrial strength options. Authorized VELCRO® Brand fastener reseller.

  • The Barcode Factory
    Sells a wide selection of Zebra brand barcode products from printers to parts.

  • Win Source Electronics EP
    Distributor of electronic components specializing in Hot-Sales and EOL (end-of-life) parts, embedded ICs, semiconductors, passives, discrete, Connectors, interconnects and electromechanical parts. Online electronic stores, offers online linecard, inventory and purchasing.

  • Allen Computers
    Online electronics store that specializes in computers and gadgets, such as tablets. Also offers computer networking hardware and repair services, including computer support by telephone.

    Save time and compare mobile phone deals from all the UK mobile phone networks. The website includes around 800'000 deals which are updated on a daily basis.

  • Natural Coffee Filters
    Designed to fit all 8-12 cup electric and 6 Cup Pour-Over Brewer coffee maker: 3 PACK all natural reusable coffee filters cone shaped, brew with more body than paper filters, but less sediment than metal mesh filters.

  • Atlantic Computers
    Offers a computers, electronics and peripherals. Addresses commercial clients with IT solutions and digital products.

  • AudioBuy Reviews
    Provides reviews, article, information and more about AudioBuy LLC.

  • AudioBuy United Arab Emirates
    Offers a broad selection of guitars and music equipment.

    Offer the guaranteed best prices for Pro Sound and Musical Instruments throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Canberra and Newcastle.

  • AV Century Solutions
    Offers audio visual services, providing a wide range of equipment and products.

  • Best Price Audio
    An international music store shipping to many locations worldwide including Europe, United States, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, China, Brazil, Sweden and Russia.

  • Canada Computers
    Canadian computer retailer that offers computers, laptops and computer parts. Most products include presentation videos and descriptions. Offers warranties.

  • Car Audio Blog
    Information and articles about car electronics including car audio and video systems such as car subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, cd players, mp3 players, GPS navigation systems.

  • CCL Online
    Electronics retailer that offers collections of computers and electronics on behalf of different manufacturers. The prices that are listed underneath each product include VAT.

    A product that was designed to add light to video chat sessions and conferences by adding a lighting attachment to the rims of laptops and iPads.

  • Dabs
    Online retailer that specializes in computing and networking. Offers a variety of computers, laptops and computer parts that are organized by categories. Prices are listed directly under each electronic product. UK based.

  • Data Recovery London Lab
    Specialises in recovering data from faulty external and internal hard drives for business and private customers in London. Free collection and delivery of faulty media for data recovery, no data, no-fee.

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Computers & Electronics in the modern age are extremely popular. Computers use electronics, and the category of electronics includes many convenient and fun devices like television sets, DVD players and recorders, digital cameras, electronic keyboards, and other creations. A web directory will show many websites that carry both computers and electronics, as well as specialty websites. Shopping and E-commerce websites have helped many people find excellent online bargains on computers & electronics.

Computers have a long history, going back centuries to early forms of programming and counting. But for most purposes, computers refer to today's high speed electronic devices. Hand held computers, micro computers, games, cell phones, and laptops all are computers of a sort, and all have electronic components as part of their construction. Computers have shrunk in recent decades from room size assemblies of multiple components to miniature wrist watch sized calculators.

Electronics in general have taken over the world, and are available and used by people of all ages. Children learn about electronics in school at an early age, and are sometimes more computer savvy than their parents or grandparents. Prices on electronics are very competitive, and new technology quickly comes out to constantly upgrade older computers, and generate sales of new devices on the market.

At first, people used to believe that the idea of a computer is nothing but a dream, that the man cannot create such an intelligent piece of machinery and yet it seems that the impossible became possible. This is only the beginning of the development in the field of technology, because people tend to create more and more devices. New gadgets are released to the market every year, more improved and with more functions than the previous versions. The electronics also include mobile phones, they are easy to use and thousands of models and brands are now available to the people.

At the surface, the electronic devices that we use seem quite simple and there`s nothing complicated about them, but at a closer look inside a TV you will find hundreds of mini-pieces that lead to the good functioning of the device, thing which would not be possible if one of those pieces is broken or missing. Although electronics are very useful and come in handy for all of us, there are disadvantages too, such as the fact that they mostly use electric power and they are very sensitive to water, when water reach the circuits of an electronic device, it can be compromised.

In the end, electronics and computers have brought a major contribution to the development of society, maybe the world we see today wouldn't be like this if there weren't any computers to help us manage information in a better way, communicate more effectively and not less, entertain ourselves.

There is also a large market for computer accessories, such as laptop bags, carrying cases, USB flash drives, desks, books, cables, discs, speakers, printers, scanners, and external drives. For other types of electronics, there are upgrades and accessories like stands, software, and CDs.

In addition to sales of computers, and electronics, the online resources are great for finding used equipment, repair, rentals, and clearance items. Use the web directory to find computer & electronics stores in your area, or order online for direct to your door delivery service.

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