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Weight loss Web Directory

Weight loss is simply a reduction in weight. It is desirable for health & fitness to maintain proper body weight and not yoyo up and down the scale, as that can be hazardous to a person's health. Bodily weight loss occurs from loss of fluids, muscle tissue, fat, or bone. It may occur due to disease or a conscious attempt to reduce weight. Weight loss programs and diets are undertaken to reduce obesity or overweight, and to improve health and fitness levels.

Weight loss can be a side effect of some medicines, disease, hormonal disruption, or other unintentional reason. Some physical actions, such as fidgeting, result in unintentional weight loss. Losing weight on purpose, for dieting, or health, can be one of the hardest and most frustrating things to attempt. Millions of dollars are made yearly in the weight loss industry for this reason. When an individual loses weight through caloric restriction, the body may naturally kick into survival mode and reduce its metabolism. Over time, this can totally disrupt any attempt to lose weight. The individual may end up with an eating disorder, extreme and deadly weight loss, or no weight loss at all.

Whenever we see that we lost a couple of pounds without keeping a diet in order to achieve weight loss, we tend to be happy but as a matter of fact this usually isn`t a reason of being happy because weight loss occurs without keeping a diet whenever there are some diseases or health problems. Moreover, it is highly recommended not to try all sorts of dietary plans in order to lose weight that you have heard from unreliable people because not once did it happen for some to die due to gastrointestinal perforation (perforation of the stomach).

Weight loss is recommended for obese people because excessive fat can put their lives in jeopardy. On the other hand, it is known that some people who suffer from eating disorders such as the bulimic tend to see themselves as fat and ugly even if they are entirely skin and bones. This eating behaviour is extremely dangerous the weight loss continues to increase until those anorexic people can`t even stand up or drink water. Most of them die due to the obsession of having a perfect body because they don`t know that perfect does not mean skinny.

Web directories usually provide useful information related to weight loss, including advice and diets recommended by doctors in case you want to lose a few pounds or you just want to keep fit. Jasminedirectory.com is one of these directories that provides such kind of information.

Losing too much weight can result in more health & fitness problems, such as osteoporosis, decrease in muscle strength or more drastic results, such as death. The better methods of losing weight include a mix of dietary control with moderate exercise, so muscle tone is retained or improved while the body slowly makes beneficial changes without disrupting the metabolism.

Strict programs like crash diets and fasting are not good methods for weight control, and can result in physical damage. There is a myriad of information on the Internet about weight loss, and a good web directory is an excellent place to begin research.