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  • A1 Pool and Spa Supply
    Retailer of swimming pool products like heaters, cleaners, cartridges, pumps, accessories, pool toys, floats and more.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

    Committed to ensuring your residential air conditioner is working quietly and efficiently 24/7.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Alkaline Water Ionizers
    Provider of alkaline ionized water solutions including both the product and information.

  • Avern Industrial Cleaning Supplies
    Provider of a wide range of industrial cleaning supplies suitable for both home and commercial use.

  • Bean Bags R Us
    An online store offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor bean bags, chairs and lounges for children, kids, adults, pets and the pool.

  • Canadian Beeseal
    An all natural leather conditioner made from beeswax which can be used as a polisher for leather shoes, boots, car leather as well as other equestrian uses.

  • Carport Super Center
    Creates custom metal buildings for a variety of purposes. They offer a wide selection of metal carports, metal garages, sheds, barns and custom steel buildings covering a 60 ft span or less. Their galvanized steel metal buildings come with a 90-day workmanship warranty, free delivery and installation.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Cowhide Rugs
    Featuring a wide selection of cowskins including zebra print hides, funky acid hides, printed cowhides, and natural cowhide rugs.

  • Clearance Paving
    Online retailers of discounted paving products including natural stone slabs, concrete paving slabs and paving blocks.

  • Cookify: Aprons, kids baking sets & cooking utensils for chefs of all ages
    Cooking aprons, kids baking sets and kitchen utensils for chefs of all ages. Cookify gets children cooking with chef uniforms and bakeware especially designed the junior chef.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Cowhide Rugs
    Features a wide selection of cowhides sourced from South America. Their range features natural, metallic cowhides, and dyed cowhides.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Cowhide Rugs By London Cows Ltd
    Features a wide selection of cowhide rugs, all sourced from South America. All of their premium quality cowhides have been hand selected to ensure quality. Besides cowhide rugs, they also stock cowhide footstools and a wide variety of cowhide seating; all individual and unique pieces.

  • D Furniture Store
    Online store for high gloss furniture. Includes buying guides, delivery and payment information and comprehensive customer services.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

    Offers lawn mower parts, chain saw parts, safety gear, cut-off saw parts, go kart parts.

  • Deirdre Dyson
    Contemporary handmade carpets and rugs by Deirdre Dyson.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Dress The Yard EP
    Offers a wide variety of cupolas, mailboxes, bird feeders and more.

  • Driveway Spikes
    Provides solutions to stop unwanted vehicles from using your driveway for u-turns.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Echelon Home
    Echelon Home has the highest quality linens at affordable prices. Some of our products include 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets as well as fashion bedding such as duvet covers with modern prints and graphic motifs.

  • Espresso Outlet
    A small "mom and pop shop" retailer of some of the world's finest espresso machines, grinders, and other related products.

  • Ex-Cell Kaiser
    A developer and manufacturer of recycling, hospitality and facility management products.

  • Flooring Laminate
    Discounted laminate flooring that can be easily and safely fitted inside any kitchen, bedroom or office, as the floor coverings offered by this UK retailer are made from quality materials and feature click based setup mechanisms.

  • Fontana Forni USA: Outdoor Pizza Ovens
    Creating portable wood-fired ovens for over 30 years. On their website visitors can find videos, product descriptions, a contact page and more.

  • Fruit Trees for Sale
    Fruit Trees for sale from Chris Bowers and Sons specialist fruit trees and fruit plants suppliers throughout the UK.

  • Furniture In Fashion
    An online furniture store in the UK, offering sofas, living room furniture, dining room furniture and an exclusive range of bedroom, bathroom and office furniture. Over 12,000 lines in stock and available for immediate delivery. Free next day delivery.

  • Furniture In Fashion: Coffee Tables
    Offers a wide range of coffee tables: glass, wood, pine, oval, round, wooden and more.

  • Furniture Stores
    A consumer shopping search engine that offers the most comprehensive results for both stores and products.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Furniture Stores: Articles
    Information, tips and guides related to furniture and home decoration.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Global Furniture Group
    Offers a very broad range of office products and services designed to meet the needs of today's changing workplace.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Havens Metal
    Founded in 1984 with a strong passion to distribute high quality metal products directly to homeowners. Since 1999' they have been specializing in custom metal fabrication in Orlando, FL.

  • Home Theater Installation
    Specializes in turning your house into a smart home by installing home theater systems.

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Home & Garden is an area of growing interest. This is where people are spending much leisure time, and money on home and garden activities. A look through the web directory will show many websites that offer the tools, equipment, and furnishings needed for these recreational pursuits.

The home is a place of constant renewal. Even a newer home requires decorating and furnishing. Remodeling an older home is an ongoing hobby for many people, as they move from room to room and redo carpeting, curtains, paint walls or add wallpaper, install new windows, and change out the furniture. Many online retailers have great bargains on items for the home, and some offer free shipping or discounts, especially on larger orders. Specialty stores are design and decorating hubs, and they have everything for the home in stock, ready to ship quickly. Shopping and E-commerce websites will deliver right to your door, saving you some hassle with large order deliveries that you may be unable to transport home.

Garden and yard activities include plantings of fruit or vegetables, trees and grass. There are all the tools one needs to work in the yard or garden, fencing supplies, fertilizer, and outbuildings. For some yards, animal care items are needed, like dog houses, or food and supplies for some farm animals. Seeds, hoses, wheelbarrows, boots, and outdoor clothing are items easily ordered online. Some local stores have websites where you can place your order, but pick up the items at the local store if you prefer. Or, get delivery to your home or place of business.

Shop online for home & garden supplies, and save energy while you get delivery to your doorstep. If you have questions, most websites offer customer assistance toll free on the phone or by email.

People are used to modifying their homes in such a way that they feel comfortable in it and seldom do they care about the money they spend for this. For most of us, home is the place where we spend most time of the day and this is why sometimes we feel the need of adjusting it a bit: buying a new sofa, replacing the old kitchen table or buying that carpet you`ve always wanted and place it in front of the fireplace. When it comes to home & garden, although you can do the decorating yourself without asking an interior designer for opinions, there are times when you need the help of a professional, such as a plumber to fix broken pipes or an electrician to solve your problem with the electric panel.

Generally speaking, every house has a garden no matter how small it is. According to the needs and tastes of the house owners, the garden can be used for planting vegetable seeds or it can be taken care of with the sole purpose of bringing a plus to the aesthetic look of the house. Some people make a living out of gardening, while others simply make a fortune out of selling products and tools especially designed for the garden, such as sprinklers, trimmers or grass cutters.

There`s a beginning for everything, so those who want to be more familiar with the home decorating techniques or simply want to know how to take care of their gardens could start by searching for guides and books about the home & garden field at the library. However, those of you who don`t want to spend hundreds of dollars on books can easily search for a web directory and find more accurate and relevant information online in a couple of minutes, completely free of charge.

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