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  • Cazamic
    Ceramic Flower People by ceramics sculpture artist Carolyn Clayton, based in Telford UK, sell worldwide.

  • ComiConverse Inc. EP
    A source for news on comics, movies, shows, tradecraft and more.

  • I BlackJack
    An Italian beat band from the 60s. The website presents the band's history and describes the mystery behind their career.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Jonathan Harris Studio Glass LTD
    A glassmaker specialising in the ancient technique of cameo carving, producing bespoke art glass designs worldwide.

  • Officially Plugged In
    This site was created for fans to find the real Twitter, Website or Facebook page of their favorite actors/actresses.

  • Pastel Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray
    Pet portraits in pastels or oils by professional pet portrait artist with over 20 years experience. Simply supply a photo to work from. Dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits in various sizes supplied framed or unframed and shipped all over the world.

  • Vincent Van Gogh Gallery EP
    A community focused around the life and work of the famous post impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. The website contains news, exhibits, galleries, biography, legends and more.

  • Al Feldstein EP
    Official website of editor, artist and writer Al Feldstein, who is known for EC Comics and as being the creator of "Tales From The Crypt," and retired editor of Mad Magazine.

  • Alan Reade
    Alan Reade's official website, featuring information about the writer. His art is focused on body image, mass media and language.

  • Artist Direct
    This site provides information on current famous musicians and up and coming artists. It features music downloads, artist biographies, photos and news related articles.

  • Boosey & Hawkes EP
    Music publisher's official website that provides profiles, discographies, and audio visual samples of a very wide range of composers.

  • Boychoir
    David Wigram's personal website in which a biography of the soloist is found. Past, present and future projects are also available, along with a library containing relevant sources of information on the artist.

  • Claude Monet Gallery EP
    Focused on featuring articles, the artist's works, quotes and distinct galleries of his work: paintings, drawings, caricatures and En Plein Air paintings.

  • Crina Prida
    Romanian photographer from Cluj-Napoca that mainly takes out concepts of feminism under a personal form of 1x1 digital affectivity.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Debbie Campbell EP
    Official website of Debbie Campbell provides resume, photographs, reels and biography of the actress.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Digital Consciousness
    Art and artist related information. Presented in a form of a directory, users can search artists, artworks and biographies. Digital galleries are also available for viewing purposes.

  • Edward Burns EP
    Offers information about the actor's life and career, as well as details about his activities as film producer, writer, and director.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Erick and the Animals
    Conceptual artist, producer for live performance shows and stand-alone artist. The website features his bio, curriculum vitae and some insight into his projects.

  • Fact Monster: Biographies of Famous Artists
    Includes a link to an online encyclopedia to research artists not located on the website.

  • Famous Artists Gallery
    Features famous painters, including Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Frenchy Live
    A resource for the live performance artist's paintings and expositions, along with his bio and contact details. Current projects are also displayed and users can book the artist for special events.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Frida Kahlo
    Online resource for all information that has to do with Frida Kahlo, ranging from paintings, quotes and her complete bio.

  • Graham Nash EP
    Provides infrmation about Graham Nash, a series of links to his most famous projects and a series of photographs, both released to the press and private.

  • Greg Cartmell Fine Art
    Showcases the work of an iconic Southern oil painter. The official website showcases news updates, original art releases, artist info and more.

  • Ian Cairns EP
    The website shares CV, pictures, reviews, contact details, and showreel for actor Ian Cairns. He trained at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

  • Jason Sloan
    A complete gallery of the work created by Jason Sloan. Everything is featured, from audios, artworks and videos belonging to the artist.

  • Joseph Ravens
    The artist's website. A comprehensive gallery of his shows and works is presented. He is a dancer, an actor and a writer.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Juha Arvid Helminen
    A finnish photographer focusing especially on low-key photography. He named one of his series "The Invisible Empire" and held exhibited mostly in Europe.

  • Leon Engelen EP
    Features photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings using classical techniques.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Looking for Artists
    Resource dedicated to finding artists form around the world in a multitude of fields. Aside from the search itself, artists can register themselves on the website for free.

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The meaning of being an artist has changed dramatically throughout time, from ancient Greece where painters and sculptors were held in low regard to modern times where artists such as Andy Warhol, Madonna and Jim Henson have achieved unbelievable fame. Being an artist can mean many different things, from traditional concepts of art, drawing and painting to modern views such as performance art, photography and graphic design.

Artists link directory

Art and being an artist by definition are those with highly technical and specialized training, to design, to create and to entertain. In this web directory you will find a comprehensive listing of artists past and present, detailed information on the history and preservation of artist's works, along with resources for artists, and others, wishing to participate in the field of art.

An artist does what his heart tells him to do. If he feels like painting, that is what he is going to do, no matter if he won`t have a wealthy life. Only those people who feel that they could bring their contribution to arts and do it accordingly can be considered true artists. There are paintings for instance, works or art that are being kept in museums and were created five centuries ago which illustrate how skillful people are, no matter that they didn`t have the same instruments and colours we use today.

The first artists if we can call them this way are considered to be the cavemen, as we know them. Many paintings were found on the walls of caves in different regions of the world, paintings that are thousands of years old and usually represent animals or the activities that people at that time did everyday. Those artists even inspired our modern artists and even sculptures, because among with the paintings there were also discovered totems representing certain Gods that people used to believe in.

When we talk about arts, we use to give an example in every domain, an artist that managed to make himself a name due to his talent or the style he approached. These artists continue to be famous, even if they lived centuries ago because they continue to live through their art, their masterpieces that are now so appreciated and represent a pattern for many of our young artists that want to make their way in arts.

Artists have been defined by the period of time they lived in. Art movements have been the tools and means by which artists have communicated with the world. Artists have catered to the demands of public opinion at times, and at others they have been able to project their own personal views to the world.

Art has always been a means of self expression and many artists believe this is the most important aspect in creation. Artists from around the world have produced monuments and sculptures, paintings, clothing, music and movies. The definition of being an artist is no longer limited to the fine arts. Being an Artist is about expression, communication and creating. Artists, whether commissioned to create a public sculpture or simply drawing a portrait help to define the world.

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