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  • Madisons Dish
    Madisonsdish is a gathering place for everyone who believes food is the center of a wonderful life, and recipes are paths that lead to it LOS ANGELES

  • Spanish Chef offers more than 600,000 recipes from every country in the world. At Spanishchef, you can easily find the recipes you deserve by using the category filter function or you can use the search function at the top of the page.

  • Appleton Sweets
    Wholesale sweets at low prices, Appletons stock delicious sweets, candy, jars and tubs in bulk. Buy online or visit our cash and carry directly for a whole range of confectionery.

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
    Offers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment for bars, pubs, schools, caterers, professional kitchens and food product manufacturers.

  • Food Routes Network
    Offers information about sustainable, local agriculture, organic foods and beverages, as well as food safety. Promotes the habit of buying locally produced food products.

  • KitchenMonster
    Offers information and reviews related to cookware products and topics.

  • National Band Saw
    Largest independent manufacturer of high quality replacement parts for commercial food processing equipment including Hobart, Globe, Biro, Regal and other top restaurant equipment brands.

  • Sarunds
    Manufacturers and suppliers of continental chocolates and confectionery, plus a wide range of products from the UK.

  • Smith & Wollensky
    A steakhouse located in Westminster, London. This is their first steakhouse outside of America where they have premium steakhouses in New York, Washington, Boston, Miami Beach, Washington and Chicago.

  • Tea Vue
    Offers tea products including herbal tea, green tea, oolong tea, sweetener, artisan tea cocktail mixers, pu-erh tea and teaware.

  • The Food Museum
    Explores and celebrates food, beverages and dishes from across the globe. Offers educational programs and publications that are intended to engage people in exploring international food varieties.

  • Airline Meals
    Offers pictures of food served on a variety of airplanes. Provides information about a variety of dishes that are served during international flights.

  • American Cooler Technologies
    Manufactures walk in coolers and freezers for Lawrence, MI businesses.

  • Bar Globes
    A NL based company selling bar globes. Worldwide delivery via UPS and Fedex.

  • Cellars Wine Club
    Discount wine gifts and featured club of the month best wine reviews. Shop and buy wines online.

  • ChocBox
    Online shop that sells chocolate products and other sweets collected from all across Europe.

  • City Vending Services: Vending Services & Supplies in Birmingham & West Midlands.
    City Vending Services for fast reliable vending machines, services and supplies across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

  • Epicurious
    Offers information in regard to food, beverages and cooking. Provides users with a variety of international recipes from chefs, restaurants and forums. Offers details about cooking techniques and table etiquette.

  • Gourmet Pizza Restaurant Franchises
    Offers potential franchise owners a unique opportunity in opening a successful franchise restaurant in a wide number of territories.

  • Joe Canal's
    Offers beer, wine, and liquor options for the most sophisticated palates in Lawrenceville, NJ.

  • Nola Cajun
    An online marketplace for New Orleans and Cajun food specialty items. The feature over one thousand unique food products native to Louisiana.

  • Row & Sons
    Manufacturers of wooden chopping boards, cutting board, butchers blocks and food preparation accessories.

  • Sally's Place
    Addresses food enthusiasts and professionals from across the world who want to explore the international food scene. Features stories on food, restaurants, drinks and restaurants.

  • Wineware Racks and Accessories Ltd.
    Providing wine accessories like racks, cellar cubes cabinets and more.

Food & Drink Web Directory

Food & Drink is widely popular. Plug that into your web browser and find almost 800 million websites, an excellent reason to turn to your web directory first. By itself, food is a feature of almost 4 billion websites. Food is essential to life, love, and fun. Mostly for life, as it is made up of the essential ingredients that provide fuel for living organisms. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, oils and acids all work together to repair and grow the body. Drink is another popular category, and is a natural combination with food for health and well being.

Food & Drink are used for health, social ceremonies and gatherings, religious ceremonies, toasting people and launching ships. There are millions of reasons to use them, and almost any occasion is better with them. Look online for specialty foods, gourmet selections, and fine wines or liquor. Shopping and E-commerce websites offer gift baskets, imported foods, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Your nearby supermarket will display their weekly sales circular on their website, and you can find restaurant coupons and specials every day.

More and more businesses begin to trade food & drinks because people will always buy what they need in order to survive. Studies have shown that if a human being can survive almost a month with no food, only a few days can be fatal without water and liquids because the body is not properly hydrated, keeping in mind that our bodies are around 70% water. During summer especially, it is important to drink as many liquids as we possibly can because dehydration and further medical problems must be avoided.

Both food and drinks refer to very wide ranges of products. Food for instance can be defined by "eatable products", therefore we have all sorts of specialties according to every country or region: Chinese food, french cuisine, Turkish delights and so on and so forth. Whether we talk about sweets, snacks or chips, these are also seen as food products. Gastronomy is the science which deals with the study of food according to every culture. Drinks on the other hand can also refer to wide ranges of products such as water, energizer drinks,fruit juice or alcohol.

All in all, the food and drinks field begins to be developed in such a way that it adapts to nowadays lifestyle, more and more people are daily in a hurry and this is what makes the food and drinks business owners rethink their products in such a way that they best meet the needs of the average busy man. One minute lunch or quick breakfast are what busy people need, and this is what the business owners from the food and drinks give them.

There is no age limit for most food and drink, and most people enjoy either eating out at a restaurant or cooking at home. There are industries built around food and drink, such as cooking shows, utensils and cookware, uniforms, and dinnerware. Food and drink gifts are always welcomed, and it is easy to send gift fruit or baskets online. Chocolate, baked goods, or fundraising foods are also readily available.

Consult the web directory for your choice of food, drink, or both, and then do some shopping online. Many of your local stores have websites, as do large nationwide chain stores and restaurants. Save some time, watch for bargains, and shop at home. It's so easy!