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The average computer doesn't just consist of hardware. In order for the average user to be able to get the maximum benefits from their computer, they have to have software.

The term software is used to describe any computer program that performs tasks on a computer. Software is different from hardware as hardware describes the physical workings of a computer (such as motherboards and video cards), while software describes otherwise intangible objects that are otherwise kept on a storage medium such as a hard disk or compact disc.

The types of software used today vary greatly depending on the needs of the consumer. For those who want to create and print documents, word processing software such as Microsoft Word is the ideal software to use. Other types of software include graphics manipulation, spreadsheets, games, security suites and diagnostic tools for monitoring the health of your computer. Software driven user interfaces are used with operating systems in order to provide a usable graphical display in other words, the icons and mouse cursor you see on your operating system.

Software can be further broken down into system software, used for running computer hardware and computer systems, programming software consisting of compilers and debuggers for various programming languages such as Visual Basic, and application software ranging from document creation and business software to computer games and database management software.

Software reffers to both computer programs and the other pieces of information that are either written or read by computers. Softwares can be created by programmers, and a software has many meanings. For instance, the term of software can reffer to firmware or system software for example operating systems like Windows which we all know. Without such kind of a software we would not be able to use the computers. Moreover, when it comes to the types of software there is a wide array of softwares such as web pages or others type of software that are especially created for computer games. Programmers are the ones that we should be thankful to for the game softwares that they create.

Creating a software is not an easy job because the one in charge with software developing must be very familiar with this area of IT and know different types of languages used in programming such as C++ . When programming, a programmer uses a programming software that assists him in his work. Talking about the system software, as mentioned above some of the examples of system software can be Windows or Linux. This is the most complex software because it helps you when starting the computer software and basically this system software supports all the other programs running on your computer, beginning with the Winamp and ending with BS Player which you use when you open a movie.

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