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  • 3AM Premier SEO EP
    Specialists in the SEO industry. They implement the most innovative search marketing strategies to help local and national businesses expand their customer base.

  • ACA Web Consulting EP
    Offers search engine optimization for online businesses. Techniques include Meta tag inclusion and optimization, content additions and corrections, internal linking, external linking, link building social media profile creation and optimization, content management and more. Our SEO has had proven results. Let us help get your website ranked in the search engines.

  • Ace Social Media Marketing
    Social media marketing company specialize in Facebook marketing.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • AgileGrow Inc.
    A Canadian based SEO company providing a wide range of online marketing related services to their clients.

  • Alameda Internet Marketing EP
    Helps businesses achieve better online visibility. Web design, web copy, social media and pay per click management.

  • AloSeo
    Get complete Website Stats, Traffic Stats, Search Engines Index Stats, Website Safety Stats, SEO Stats, Social Media Stats, Domain Info Web Server Info,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Alphamind Studios. Inc. EP
    A full-service digital marketing agency offering services in the form of SEO, content marketing, marketing automation, website design, conversion optimization, influencer marketing, paid advertising and more.

  • Ascelade
    Provides a wide range of SEO and social media solutions for businesses.

  • Avalaunch Media EP
    An online marketing agency that helps to increase the visibility of online businesses, helping them attract the attention of clients. It specializes in the marketing, promotion and optimization of services provided by online businesses.

  • Beanstalk EP
    A SEO, consulting, keyword research, PPC management and Internet marketing service provider based in Victoria, BC, Canada. The business CEO is Dave Davies.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Brighter Digital
    Edmonton-based digital marketing company focused on local search to help businesses grow visibility, traffic, and revenue.

  • Bruce Clay, Inc. EP
    An Internet marketing optimization company providing search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management and related services.

  • Bulldog Digital Media EP
    An SEO agency based in Essex servicing London and the UK. Also offering PPC & Conversion Optimisation. Bulldog is a results driven digital marketing agency.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Chameleon Web Services, Ltd EP
    A UK based company which offers Internet solutions for web-based businesses in London, Birmingham and Cheltenham.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Chameleon Web Services: SEO Birmingham Company
    Over the last 15 years Chameleon Web Services has been working with the Internet providing solutions for companies of all sizes. We carry out on-going SEO campaigns on a monthly basis and also provide consultancy roles including white label SEO services to some of the largest UK based companies operating at an Enterprise SEO level.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Cleveland SEO Guy
    Provides SEO, marketing plans and related services for business owners.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Click Depot
    A performance based SEO Company located in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in internet marketing services such as local search marketing, online advertising, PPC management, and more,

  • Clickthrough NZ
    A SEO and eCommerce web design company, located on the North Shore in Auckland, offering top class web services related to eCommerce.

    Digital marketing agency based in Austin, TX, specializing in organic search marketing for small and medium size businesses.

  • DelVal SEO EP
    Provides SEO, PPC and related services for business owners in the Philadelphia Area.

  • Dental SEO by DDSRank
    Top dentist SEO company DDSRank offers search engine optimization, dental marketing and website design exclusively for dental professionals.

  • Dynamics Digital
    Provides SEO, PPC, web design and copy-writing services as well as SEO tips, articles and news. UK based.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Ege Digital Marketing Consultant
    Digital marketing specialist in Toronto that specializes in assisting local businesses understand and increase their online presence.

  • Enleaf
    Enleaf is an award winning SEO agency in Spokane, Washington. They focus on SEO friendly website development and enterprise-level digital marketing. They are Google Analytics and Adwords Certified and build customized reporting into every digital marketing campaign they tackle.

  • Ethical SEO Consulting EP
    A professional consultancy for localized search engine optimization. The company specializes in offering businesses with reliable SEO techniques, which are designed to help improve the online visibility and increase the bottom line value.

  • Evoba
    An online marketing company offering customized services including search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaign management, in addition to social media marketing and online reputation management.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Fibre Marketing
    Offer SEO services to businesses across the United Kingdom.

  • Healthylinks
    A London based SEO agency using link building and content to boost rankings in the organic search.

  • IN Local Marketing
    An Internet marketing & local SEO agency in Vancouver, WA with a team of developers delivering internet marketing solutions with second-to-none customer service.

  • iNet Ventures
    Provides digital marketing services including; influencer marketing, SEO, article writing, local citations, press releases, and more.

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A search engine or web directory is a powerful way for you to get new traffic to your website and potentially increase your sales. The question that haunts business owners is finding a way to make the most of your website search engine results so that people can easily find your company when they are looking for your product or service.

Tactical SEO

One of the new fields in marketing that deals with search engines is called search engine optimization. These professionals study the Internet search engines and devise ways to develop website content that is going to be more appealing to the search engines, and raise the profile of the company's website in search engine results pages.

Search engine optimization deals with many different aspects of a website including the title of the site, the content on the site, and the set-up of the site with the host along with the graphic content on the site as well. For example, a website address that is registered for several consecutive years tends to get better search results that a website that is only signed up for one year.

The search engines are looking for stable websites that offer relevant content to the search being executed by the user, and that the content offers valuable information as opposed to just being a collection of keywords. Keywords are the words most often used by users to search for a particular topic, and it is these keywords that content marketers use to develop their website content.

Some of the most popular search engines are Google and Yahoo, both of them have millions of users that browse daily for the information that they need. What makes search engines so important is that they sort out the great amount of information found on the web in such a way that you will be firstly given the most relevant results related to the keyword you entered, so all you have to do is read the title, see if it matches and click on it afterwards. Talking about SEO, there are many online guides that explain SEO for beginners and why is it important for anybody who wants to make his site more known.

Due to the fact that search engines are looking for how many times one or more keywords appear on a site, the content of a webpage has to be written in such a way that a keyword from a niche appears as many times as possible and yet makes the articles readable and understandable, without leaving the impression of being too commercial. Search engines are used for everything, from finding the information that you need for your school project to roof materials or holiday trips. offers you a list of search engines and local searchers according to the location of the user.

The search engines are also looking for websites that abuse the content keywords both in the content of the site and in the title of the site as well. Abusing keywords will get the website banned from search engines, and it can take a while to get listed once a site has been banned. The graphic content is also considered by search engines using a variety of complicated algorithms and processes.

Basically they are looking for graphic content that is consistent with the text on the website, and that there has not been an overload of graphics with keywords as their names. It is best to work with the search engines if you want to have your website receive the proper exposure, otherwise your site may disappear from the search engines altogether.

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