While top-notch coding, application integration and interface design are all important components of your company's new website, without a strong marketing campaign designed to naturally bring people to that site, your business could remain invisible on the internet.

After make the investment of time and money required to set up a website, further investing in marketing only makes sense. As a business owner, you know the importance of maximizing your return on investment and the only way to do this is to convert potential customers to paying customers.

There are many excellent internet marketing techniques that will help you to accomplish your goals. Every day, new optimization methods are developed to get a site noticed by the search engines (SEO) and new forms of affiliate marketing and advertising appear in the industry. Internet marketing is big business.

Through all of this, it is important to remember what techniques have worked successfully in the past in the area of marketing for new websites. Today's techniques are great, but why use all new marketing methods when there are some tried and proven ways to get your business noticed.

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There are many online business directories, like ours, JasmineDirectory.com, where business owners can submit their business for a listing in a popular directory where consumers go to find the businesses they need.

There is another benefit of being listed in a directory and that is positioning in search engine results. A website that is listed in many directories will get significant web traffic and will rank higher in the search engine results than a business not listed in multiple directories.

While you could take the time to complete directory submission forms for the major business directories, it is to your advantage to work with a team of professionals who know how to get your proposal accepted and your business listed. After all, online directory listings have been a method of marketing for new websites for almost as long as the internet itself has been around.

For this reason, there are many directories in place that are out of date or are not being maintained at all. Imagine spending several hours completing a submission request, only to find out an hour later that the directory is no longer accepting submissions. Multiply this several times and you've just wasted a lot of time.

Working with an expert in directory submissions means that you will not waste your time, because these experts know which directories are active and how they will get you noticed. Marketing for new websites can be a tricky process and it is time sensitive. When you hire someone to list your site, you see returns much faster.

The experts at JasmineDirectory.com provide not only a great business directory for marketing new websites, but they are also a leaders in getting websites noticed. The site provides valuable information and resources about website marketing and explains how to use directory listings to maximize your marketing return on investment.

You cannot afford to spend months building a high quality website that will not be immediately visible to your target audience. While your site is being build, from day one, you must be looking for techniques and opportunities to get people onto your landing pages. You need to get visitors and you need to convert them to paying customers. This is the goal of every business and some are just better than others.

There is no reason that you cannot take full advantage of marketing techniques used in the past, but you need to know the ins and outs of these techniques.


Combining older methods of marketing with today's latest marketing tools will get you out there, recognized as an authority in your area of specialty and will definitely get you higher conversion numbers and a much better return on investment.