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Books are survivors. Some thought books would go by the wayside when television was invented, but millions are still being sold. Even the computer age has not stopped the printing presses. Reading may consume fewer hours today, but reading is still the key to anyone's future, and books are the highway to education. A child who can read will have an advantage in school and in life.

Shopping for books online is interesting. You can even find out of print books, rare books, and used books at auction websites, and online bookstores. Books fit into shopping & E-commerce neatly, as a main feature or an add on to other products. Use a web directory to find the type of bookseller you want, as there are millions of listings on the Internet.

The computer era has invented a new type of book, the e-book. This electronic version of a book is easy to transmit, store, and use on the computer. There are online libraries of books you can access 24/7, and free e-books to order. Regular books are published in different formats, such as hardbound, softcover, and some are updated by sections, such as some law publications. Expensive specialty books may be bound in leather or fancy fabrics. Sizes range from mini-books, booklets, and paperback book size (small) to coffee table size large volumes, and thin to thick in bulk. Ancient books were written on scrolls and stone tablets.

There is a saying, "don`t judge a book by its covers", which means that even if a book looks old and its covers are torn, it can still hide a treasure among its pages. There are millions of books all over the world who fit perfectly the desires of even the most demanding reader, all you need to do is to have the patience required for searching for the book that you like the most. Adventure, comic books, murder or romance are only a few of the book types that people prefer the most. As said, the e-book has been developed and it has several advantages over the classical, printed book. Firstly, you can easily "turn the pages" by scrolling up or down and look at the page number. Secondly, you can find the chapter that you are looking for by typing a keyword in the search box that most of the e-books provide. The only disadvantage would be that reading a book online is very tiresome for the eyes.

It all began with written books centuries ago. After printing presses began to manufacture more and more books, they were eventually recorded on vinyl or CDs for the busy parents that don`t have time to read stories to their children and prefer to push "play", so a calm and pleasant voice reads the book instead of them. Nowadays we have the e-books, which can easily be transported using a memory stick, so the reader can download them in the laptop and read them whenever he feels like: in the train, while he is waiting for the bus to come or simply when he doesn't have anything important to do at work.

There are different types of books, including booklets, comic books, diaries, religious books, scrapbooks, albums, blank books, log books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, novels, fiction books, non-fiction books, picture books, pop-up children books, coloring books, recipe books, workbooks, manuals, textbooks, ledgers, appointment books, almanacs, atlas books, directories, and more. Books have generated a large industry of sellers, bookbinders, distributors, and creative producers.


  • AbeBooks
    Connects buyers and sellers of used, rare, and out-of-print books. Also offers a database of booksellers' inventory lists searchable by author, title, publisher and keyword.

  • AbeBooks: Ad Astra Kiadó Kft.
    International online marketplace for books that offers new, used, out-of-print and rare books. Sells books on behalf of booksellers around the globe. Language choices are available for non-English speakers.

  • Acanthus Books
    Provides cookbooks from the 17th century to present day time, books about history of food cooking but also biographies of renowned cooks.

  • Adventure House
    The company is a publisher and retailer of new, used and reprinted pulp fiction.

  • Ann's Personalized Books
    Sells books personalized with the owner's name who will also be introduced as a character in the story. It offers books for children but also for adults ranging from mystery books and fairytales to classics and educational books.

  • Banyen Books & Sound
    Canadian book retailer that offers a range of resources in regard to spirituality, healing and earth wisdom. Also offers music CDs and DVDs, as well as multimedia learning kits.

  • Barnes & Noble
    International books retailer that offers eBooks, books, magazines, music, DVDs and more. An on-site search engine enables users to find the titles they are looking for. Also features a retail store locator.

  • Bauman Rare Books
    Offers books and autographs of celebrities and other artists in all fields from the 15th to the 20th century.

  • Biblio
    Online bookstore that offers used, rare, out of print and hard to find books from professional, independent booksellers worldwide. Includes a section for textbooks.

  • Craftsman Book Company
    Offers over 200 book and software titles aimed to help plumbers, electricians, engineers, professional contractors, carpenters and other craftsman.

  • Green Apple Books and Music
    Offers its users the possibility to buy, sell and trade new and used books, CDs, and DVDs seven days a week. Located at 506 Clement Street in San Francisco.

  • Livre Rare Book
    Specializes in the retail of old, second hand and rare French books. Page includes general stock and catalog.

  • Moleiro Editor, S.A.
    The company offers a varied selection of facsimile editions of rare illuminated manuscripts.

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information
    Offers a range of books related to biotechnology and genomics. Provides free access to publications in regard to life science and general healthcare.

  • National Puplic Radio
    Official website of the US national radio station. Features a category that lists books and editorial news. All titles are organized by genre and come with a description. Some also include reviews from readers.

  • Oak Knoll Books
    The platform specializes in out of print books about book collecting, book history and the book arts; publisher, distributor, and bookseller.

  • Octavo Corporation
    The company publishes digital editions of rare books that can no longer be found in stores and ancient manuscripts of great historic value.

  • Powell's Books
    Organized, independent online bookstore with offers, such as new, used and even out of print books in all subject areas. Ebooks and gift cards are also available.

  • Rakuten
    International online store that offers all sorts of products, from DVDs and Blu-rays to clothing and electronics. Also includes a section entirely dedicated to books. Titles are organized by genre and can be purchased online.

  • Salon
    News website that covers breaking news, culture and politics. Includes a section related to books and the latest titles in international literature. Most titles are personally reviewed and criticized by editors.

  • Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair
    Annual book fair that hosts hundreds of international sellers of rare and antiquarian books, prints, maps and ephemera. Held in early fall.

  • Strand Book Store
    Provides access to both new books and rare, older editions of famous titles. Also assembles customized collections.

  • The Book Cover Designer
    Online marketplace for premade book covers. Anyone can submit covers to the website to sell.

  • The Book People
    Online book retailer that offers a variety of books and Lego games. Books are organized by genre. Also offers children's books. UK based.

  • The Chart & Map Shop
    An Australian gift shop that provides everything related to maps & charts. Perfect for gifts and educational tools to explore the world around you. Globes, flag and travel books also sold.

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