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  • Ad Republic
    A Pay Per Click Agency based in London. Specialises in building and optimising campaigns across Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook.

  • Alexa EP
    Global web information company. Provides statistics, analytic tools and evaluation services for users trying to determine traffic and the popularity of a certain website. Useful for people looking for viable businesses to invest in or join into.

  • Analytics Toolkit
    Software for web analysts working with online marketing data, conversion rate and landing page optimization, usability testing. A variety of tools for automating Google Analytics tasks. Statistical calculators for online controlled experiments (A/B and multivariate tests) and analysis of website statistics.

  • Avidon Marketing Group
    Igor Kholkin is an SEO/SEM/Social Media expert offering strategic marketing campaigns designed to drive aggressive business goals.

  • Billboards Gold Coast
    Specializes in creating for our clients. Get expert advice and local knowledge about the best outdoor marketing solutions for your business thanks to our 20+ years of experience operating on the Gold Coast.

  • Bing EP
    Microsoft's proprietary search engine. Previously known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. It was launched under the current brand name in 2009. It is integrated with other popular services like Hotmail and Facebook and implemented as the search engine for Microsoft's console - the Xbox 360.

  • camCensus
    Compiles the profiles of webcam chathost communities and provides detailed information on their principal demographic characteristics critical for understanding the current conditions of the webcam chathost communities around the world.

  • CAMS by igroup
    CAMS is built by igroup to make AWS and AZURE better. It automates the management of cloud infrastructure and costs. CAMS plugs straight into Azure or AWS via the API and works immediately.

  • EP
    An online platform owned by Adobe, and which offers marketing insights, knowledge, and inspiration to marketing heads.

  • Content Marketing Institute EP
    Content marketing trainers interested in training new and established content writers about new trends on how to get their online content to masses.

  • Digital Impulse
    Web agency specialised in natural referencing, communication con-con semantic and web marketing.

  • Digital Search Group Australia
    Offers a wide range of highly process-driven SEO services that have been tried, tested, and tested again for more than 15 years.

  • Edkent Media
    A Toronto based SEO, web design, and digital marketing company that has been helping companies of all sizes to grow with internet marketing.

  • Excite
    Search engine, online news portal, web email client, instant messaging service and customized user homepage. Features a weather widget and a flight fare one by default, along with videos, TV and movie sections.

  • JC Social Media Marketing Agency EP
    A specialist social media marketing agency with clients across the UK and the globe. The company offers full social media management solutions as well as training and audits for business looking to build their brand on social media.

  • Just Internet Solutions
    Offers a diverse range of digital marketing services, in addition to SEO, web design and more.

  • Local SEO EP
    When talking about innovations and excellence, Local SEO paved the way for search engine optimization. Basically, we breathe and live SEO. We have been operational since 2007. We are a locally Sydney based SEO company that has 10 years of experience in the said industry

  • Search Commander, Inc. EP
    An internet marketing company that specializes in offering consulting services for search engine optimization. It helps businesses to achieve higher search engine rankings using a combination of organic and paid search marketing techniques.

  • SEO and Web Design Services
    Provides search engine optimization services, social media marketing and web design services and consultancy in the above fields in Ireland.

  • SEO Boise Idaho
    SEO Service for small to medium sized companies, helping draw new customers for your business to build relationships with.

  • Shit Hot Infographics EP
    A blog launched by David Eaves, a UK based influencer. The blog features infographics as well as a directory of quality infographic resources.

  • VPN Choice EP
    VPN Choice helps you get the best VPN provider that suits your requirements.Online privacy is a big thing for us and we know it is for you as well. With hundreds of brands available all over the world, it is often difficult to find the right product to suit your required specifications.

  • Whitespark lnc. EP
    A local SEO company that provides businesses with a variety of tools that help businesses to optimize and manage their SEO strategies.

  • WSI Internet Consulting and Digital Marketing
    For over 15 years this Santa Clarita digital marketing agency has helped Santa Clarita and Los Angeles businesses grow through successful search engine optimization (SEO) programs, website designs that convert, PPC ad campaigns to laser target new customers, content marketing, email marketing and engaging social media marketing.

  • Facebook
    A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

  • Google Groups
    Online discussion group and mailing list powered by Google. Features mainly Usenet newsgroups divided among many categories which users can create. Can post and use anonymously.

  • HotBot
    A search engine that was very popular in the 1990's. Currently owned by Lycos, it was launched in 1996 by Wired Magazine. It allows users to search through the Inktomi, Teoma and Google databases as well.

  • LookSmart
    Online advertising company based in San Francisco, California, United States and started in 1995. It's one of the five founding members of the IAB Click Measurement Panel.

  • SearchRank
    A digital marketing agency that helps small and large businesses to compete favorably in the online market by increasing their online visibility.

  • Sortlist
    Offer you a choice of the most skilled agencies for your next marketing project.

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Internet & Marketing Web Directory

You've spent a lot of time getting unique content and a good visual layout for your blog. But even the best content and most unique graphic design will be ignored if nobody knows that your blog exists. This is why search engines are so important - especially Google, the most popular search engine available. There are some things to keep in mind when trying to improve your blog ranking in search engines like Google.

What Not To Do

One of the easiest things to do to improve your Google ranking is to not do anything that would get your blog excluded from Google listings. Although there are some search engine optimization ( SEO) specialists that claim these tactics will get you a huge immediate increase in traffic, this increase is short lived after Google cuts you off of the list.

Web browsers on Internet

The most important thing is not to use keyword stuffing. This means that you use the keyword in just about every sentence of your blog posts. Google and other search engines will automatically exclude blog posts that use keyword stuffing. Some SEO books published in the last couple of years states that the highest keyword percentage allowed is 4/100, there are others that claim the ratio is merely 3/100 or even lower. Google, of course, does not announce what the highest keyword density allowed is, just to keep everyone on their toes.

Another thing to avoid is using link farms. These are websites that basically just are long lists of links. Link farms exist because the more sites that link to your blog, the higher your ranking will be in search engines. Don't even link to link farms. If you receive an e-mail stating that a company or website has linked your site in its directory, chances are this is a link farm.


Utilize Social Networking Media

With more links to your blog from legitimate websites, it will rise higher in search engine rankings. But how can you get more people to link your blog to theirs? Once upon a time, you emailed other blog owners and asked to reciprocate links. Although that practice is still used, it's time consuming and not guaranteed to give any tangible results. The best alternative is to use Web 2.0 media, also called social networking media.

Popular social networking sites include Digg, StumbleUpon and Xanga. There are social networking sites just for a particular interest like DeviantART, which attracts artists. You would pick a site and then join a community - which is based around a particular interest. Let's say your blog is about training dogs. Then, you'd want to join a dog community, pet community or dog training community on a social networking site.

The trick is to NOT link your blog onto the networking site, but to submit other articles and web posts that really interest you and will also interest the community. Then, you have clout in that community. That community's readers will often become very curious about someone who is contributing so much good stuff, so they will check out your blog. Certainly, they will be impressed by it enough to link your blog posts to the community, generating even more traffic and, as a result, higher search engine rankings.

Be sure to keep updating new posts in your blog and clean up any broken links in posts a few months old. An abundance of broken links on a site will lower your search engine ratings, as well as not often contributing new material.