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The EP mark stands for Editors' Pick websites (a website manually added by one of our editors). In order to offer a comprehensive user experience and fulfill the scope of a web directory, we don't rely only on user suggested resources. We really don't want to be "just another web directory".
Why should you submit your website to our web directory?

Although web directories are an older form of website marketing, they still have some validity in today's modern Internet search ranking systems. The SEO benefits of web directories are numerous, and they are an easy way to quickly build more traffic for your site.

There are two main ways that web directories can be used to create the maximum SEO benefits. The first way is through owning a directory. As a directory owner, site owners submit their links to your site for a fee, or for the backlink benefits.

Owning a directory on your site can increase the SEO benefits of your site because the number of relevant keywords on your site will instantly go up.

The best way to make a directory work for you in this way is to make sure that all directory links have keywords pertaining to the main content of your site. For example, you could make a fish site directory for a site about fish. The process is pretty simple, and there is a lot of information online to help with this process.

The other way to use web directories for SEO benefits is to submit your site to directories. This will give slightly different results than the previous option. This will increase web traffic to your site which will naturally increase the ranking of your site on search engine sites. Some people choose to manually submit their web site to directories, while others hire someone to complete the process for them.

The advantage of hiring someone is that your time is not bogged down with searching for web directories to use for your site, and the time that it takes to complete the process is not taken out of your other working time. Professional directory submitters also know what web directories will provide the best results for your site.

Many web directories are no longer functioning sites, or they have been taken over by spam sites. It is necessary to avoid these directories otherwise your site may get associated with the spam sites. This will drive the ranking of your site down, as people will visit it less and less.

SEO benefits are almost non-existent at this level. If you are unfamiliar with the process of submitting to directories, or if you are not sure which directories are good targets for your site, then allowing a professional to handle the job is probably the best idea.

There are a few additional tips that will help increase the SEO benefits that you get from submitting to web directories. First of all, make sure to submit to real directories, rather than link farms. Secondly, local directory sites are better than ones based in locations far from your base location.

Thirdly, ensure that the links that you submit include a keyword that is popular with the contents of your site. One of the last SEO benefits of web directories is that usually directories are free to use. This means that you are basically increasing traffic and site ranking for free.

All of these benefits make the concept of submitting to directories a good business decision. Even though directories are not as popular as they once were, there is still a solid foundation of relevancy attached to them. Although you can not just use directory marketing as a way to increase SEO, they are a necessary part of the whole SEO process.