Internet users searching for websites related to computers have objectives in mind. They may be looking for the latest news about the computer hardware, They may need the perfect accounting software for a small business. Whatever the objective, there is an overwhelming amount of information available.

Search for the word "computer" and you will see over three billion hits. Search for "computer website" and the theme narrows down to over 500 million. Advertising a computer related website on Internet can be like distinguishing one grain of sand from another on the beach. What can you do to make your website stand out, get hits and finally earn money?

Unique design

Before promoting your computer related website, make sure that you have done something unique with its design. Check other websites that offer the same products or information as you want to offer, make a list of what is included on their home pages, compare those lists with what you've designed for your own home page. If you find that they have everything you have, then you know you need to find something unique to catch the user's attention, something that will help him remember you site over all the rest. This unique eye-catcher can serve as the basis for your advertising plans.

Useful information

No matter what kind of computer website you are promoting, it's always best policy to provide the user with information. If your website is centered on tutorials or guides for software, you'll want to have complete descriptions of those tutorials in clear, understandable language. Short, concise articles about your website as well as the different products or services you provide will draw search spiders to hit on yours over others.

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No overdoing of key-words

It can be frustrating to a user to open a website only to find text and headlines full of key words meant to draw search engines. Users don't look for repetition of one or two words that draw hits; they look for specific answers to their questions, doubts and enquiries.

In addition, some search engine algorithms have, in recent times, been designed to catch sites that "stuff" content with key words. Those sites often get downgraded in listings. It is important that the content you include on your website be descriptive, informative and useful to the web surfer.

Outgoing links

Take advantage of the Internet. Don't be afraid to refer your users to outside sources that expand on the information you are sharing with them. The nature of Internet is the "only a click away" culture. With a little sharing of your site by linking to other sites, you'll find that other sites begin to include links to yours. This is a kind of "word of mouth" advertising that costs you nothing and can reap you rewards.

Social media

According to some statistics, over 65% of adults who use Internet have one or more accounts in social media that they check daily. Social media has become an important motor for doing business on Internet, with two out of three Twitter users believing that social sites influence purchasing decisions. CEOs at large companies set aside funds for entrance into social media to improve exposure and sales of their products and sales.

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Using social media can be an effective advertising strategy. Highlighting the unique catch in designing your computer website, getting it into the social media, getting social media users to spread the word can help make your site go "viral". The immediacy of social media communication means that friends tell friends about your site, you get known, your site becomes a trusted source of information.

Advertising on Internet is not limited to purchasing ad space with big banner providers. Advertising a website means taking advantage of all the links and backlinks Internet provides, connecting with real people who will do the work for you through sharing their opinions. Above all though, your site must be unique and informative, standing out from the millions of other computer related websites online. When you put these advertising strategies into practice users will find quality when clicking on your link.