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Nearly every website owner makes it a priority to be listed as high as possible in the search results of the biggest search engines on the Internet. Companies spend a large portion of their Internet marketing budget on techniques that will help to put them on the first page of search results, or will get their website seen by as many smaller search engines as possible. One of the great Internet marketing tools that people sometimes neglect is web directories.

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A web directory is a more organized version of a search engine, but the results found using a web directory are only those websites that have subscribed to the web directory. So anyone that may be looking in a web directory for a company that offers your product or service will only find your company if you have gone through the registration process for that directory.

Many people prefer a web directory to a search engine because the results in a web directory are more reliable, and a web directory does not return portions of websites that have nothing to really do with the topic as a result. A web directory is an easy way for someone to find exactly what they are looking for, and a very easy way for a company to reach an interested target market.

The aim of web directories is to sort out the sites and blogs that have submitted there in such a way that they will be categorized according to their content and the topics that they concentrate on. For instance, when web directories deal with a great amount of sites they will display categories such as "children, health, family" in order for the websites to be indexed easier and therefore be among top results, which is the main concern of site owners. Web directories are highly efficient especially when they contain many sites, because this way they can be used both as valuable search engines and web directories.

Generally, these services have a monthly or yearly fee but it depends because some of them are completely free of charge, which makes them even more popular. According to the types of websites they are dealing with, the listings inside web directories can be either general or they can have certain niches, like jasminedirectory.com that offers categories and subcategories as well. Almost all of the web directories have humans that review the sites which are about to be listed, and this is why it often takes a long time until a site is given the green light.


The "Guaranteed DMOZ Listing" Myth

Many web directories do not charge a registration fee, but some of them do. Almost all web directories have programs where you can pay a fee to move your company further up in the results when your category is searched.

The best way to determine if a web directory is worth the cost is to check its traffic numbers for your specific category. If the traffic is significant, then the cost is probably worth it to have your company placed prominently on that web directory.

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