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The home directory is your source for all categories of information about your home, home life, and living your life to the fullest. Work may be what we do to earn a living, but our home is where we live our life, recharge, and seek enjoyment. This directory is a gateway to all the facets of our home needs.

The home directory is divided into two broad categories of topics, the first of which is where to live. There is a section on consumer information (things like home buying scams, mortgage & loan options, and insurance needs), a section on rural living (from the countryside to the exurbs), a nice piece on urban living, and an entire category on the many topics associated with home buying (finding realtors, buying and selling your home, moving, and selecting a new place).

Home Directory

The bulk of the home directory is comprised of the categories having to do with the quality of life once you are in your place. There are many sub-categories of information, everything from gardening (setting up, buying materials, year round care), to entertaining (parties, get-togethers and planning for events), to cooking. There is quite a bit of information in the home improvement category (finding contractors, do it yourself, tips & hints), emergency preparation (disaster supplies, first aid, strategies for dealing with extreme weather), and domestic services (locating good house cleaning services, landscapers, nannies and handymen). There is also tons of resources designed to provide the latest news, tips and information for all of your home needs.

Finally, there are several family categories such as homemaking, pets (finding good animals, caring and feeding) and even how to start and run a home business. There is an interesting category on personal finances, along with one on shopping and personal organization (everything from cleaning out a garage to organizing important papers).

The home directory is your road map to everything having to do with establishing, building and enjoying your life where you chose to live. Home is the place where we are most comfortable and safe and the home directory serves as your bridge to all possible categories related to this topic.


Your home is your sanctuary. Many young couples, upon graduation and finding employment will start looking for an affordable home such as an apartment. Some may search out internet directory for the list of apartments for sale online. Usually by going through the online directory, these young people may find cheaper homes or those under public auction which as priced below the martket value.

It is safer to live in an apartment

Nowadays apartments and condominiums are the preferred choice of homes because they offer 24/7 security. Unlike landed properties, it is harder to break into an apartment due to the security provided where visitors have to see the security guard first before being allowed entrance to the premises. In higher end condominiums, the home owners may be contacted first by the security guard to verify geniune visitors and not strangers coming in. The security guard may also have a directory of the home owners' phone numbers to contact for such purposes.

Convenience of Living in an Apartment

Some apartments are located strategically in a good area where all the amenities are located within walking distance. Schools, supermarkets, eateries, restaurants, hospitals, etc are situated nearby making it very convenient for the young couple. It would even be better if the home is near their working place to reduce the time to commute to work while avoiding traffic jams. For well designed apartments, perhaps the first few floors are shop lots and high end restaurants where just taking the lift is sufficient to reach the destinations.

Do your Online Directory Research First

In order to live in a perfect home that suits all your needs and convenience, you need to do some survey via online directory or check out forums to get other peoples' feedback before paying the down payment for your future home. After you have made the decision, it would be difficult to reverse it and you are then committed to make monthly payment for the mortgage loan. Hence, with the internet penetration, it is a wise choice to check out the locality, survey the neighborhood before committing to payment. Choosing a home is no easy task and one should engage a professional also to check out the market and real estate before buying a home.

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