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  • BitGeeks: Everything about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
    Information about bitcoin and blockchain technologies, including latest news, bitcoin price, bitcoin wallet, etc.

  • File Extension EP
    File extension library. All the format definitions files suffix types. How to open, edit, view and convert files extension. Programs, software, applications and help guides.

  • Google Drive EP
    Online cloud storage provided by Google. Free to use, up to a 5 GB limit. Paid users can opt for more storage space. This is the home of Google Docs feature as well, where users can create and edit documents and spreadsheets online.

  • Gravatar EP
    Website of the online service that allows users to attach an avatar to their email accounts. When posting something on the internet, if the website or blog supports the Gravatar function, the avatar will be displayed along with the content. Free to use.

  • iFuture Technologies
    Customizable Corporate Training Programs. iFuture Technologies improves necessary job skills and knowledge of a company's employees through an organized method of instruction.

  • LJ Welding Automation
    Manufactures welding automation and material handling equipment and does business in 40 countries and counting. LJ specializes in welding gantries, column boom manipulators, welding positioners, turning rolls, pipe stands, rigging rollers pipeline rollers. Request a quote today!

  • Oracle EP
    Website of the American multinational company. They deal in computer hardware and software production, with an emphasis on database management systems. The website offers an online store, support services and download page for software options.

  • PDF Expert EP
    PDF editing software for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

  • QuickBooks Support Phone Number
    Offers online bookkeeping and accounting services to individuals & business owners who use QuickBooks for their accounting.

  • Reddit:Technology News EP
    Users may submit posts, which may be up-voted or down-voted. Posts which are up-voted means that users like the submission and it is worthy for the technology section.

  • VJM Computers
    A UK company selling the latest desktop mini PCs and small form factor computers. These can be used for gaming, intensive work, home theatre PCs or as standard office PCs.

  • AllThat3D: 3D Printing, Printer and Pen
    Learn about 3D printing and its best products in the 3D printer industry. Print any physical products and watch it come alive. You can buy 3D printing pens, and it's great gift for both children and adults.

  • QuickBooks Offers
    publishes valuable content on various topics such as accounting and bookkeeping. Read more about latest versions of QuickBooks released by Intuit.

  • Quickbooks® Technical Support Number
    QuickBooks Support Number Phone @800-760-5113, users can call 24X7 for Intuit QuickBooks Technical (QB) help and support online, Payroll, Enterprise, Proadvisor support.

    Features different categories of technology news, such as mobile phone technology.

  • TechRadar EP
    TechRadar is an online publication focused on technology, with news and reviews of tech products, especially gadgets. It launched its website for the UK in 2000. TechRadar is owned by Future plc, the sixth-largest publisher in the United Kingdom.

  • The GNU Operating System EP
    Official main page of the GNU operating system and community. GNU is a Unix-like operating system and it's main benefit is that it's completely free. The website offers the Linux version for free download, along with numerous resources for developers and users.

  • The Linux Kernel Archives EP
    This is the primary site for the Linux kernel source, but it has much more than just Linux kernels.

  • W3School EP
    Online resource for web developers. Includes many complete tutorials and lots of information on how to create a new website. There are categories for the different types of coding needed to put up a website and have it working.

  • World Wide Web Consortium
    website where member organisation, staff and the public gather and set the Web Standards. The website offers information and details to those interested in participating or those who just want to stay informed on their newest updates and changes.

Computers & Technology Web Directory

Since their invention in the mid-1900s, the field of Computers has expanded to include almost every aspect of life in the modern world. There are enough computer-based technologies and fields of knowledge to fill entire libraries and sections of book stores, not to mention terrabytes of data stored on computers themselves. This may sound daunting, but's computers directory is a great place to start sorting out all the areas in which computers play a role (albeit a constantly changing one) in the world around us.

While our computers directory listings are extensive, we have organized our subcategories in a way that will allow computer users at any level, from beginner to expert, to understand topics like the internet, hardware, security, software, artificial life and intelligence, data formats, e-books, emulators, intranets, hacking, fonts, supercomputing, mobile computing, newsgroups, robotics, and even historic topics like Bullitain Board Systems and Usenet newsgroups.

Computers in a library

We offer education and consultants, ways of shopping through computers, finding employment in computer-related fields, determinations of the best product support programs, and access to mailing lists and organizations which can assist you in developing your understanding of all the ways in which computers have fully integrated into our world today.

Some overlap exists between our computer and other sub-directories, which goes to show how vital an understanding of computers and our articles about them is to an individual's ability to get along in the modern technological world. By becoming well-versed in subjects like mobile computing, multimedia, programming, games, and computing ethics, even someone who does not work with computers full time will be able to understand how much computers are able to affect their day to day life.

For those growing up in the modern world, computers also offer a way to connect with their peers. Our articles on chats and forums, as well as virtual reality and human-computer interaction, offer opportunities to understand how computers are contributing to a shift in the way human beings relate to one another - and without this understanding, anyone in today's world is doing themselves a disservice.

Computers are the future, and is a great place to start learning about that future.


There are a lot of search engines and directories on the internet, yet it still takes hours to search for even the simplist information or webpages regarding the subject of computers. Many searches offer plenty of quantity, but no quality, with the majority of the links yielding no useful results.

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The directory is easy to navigate, offering an enjoyable experience to even the most inexperienced computer user. Simply type in the URL to get to the directory home page, then choose the link titled computers, and watch as a multitude of computer sub-categories fill the screen, offerring more search options and optimizing the time you spend on the computer. Select a sub-category to optimize your search, narrowing the content to only categories you wish to research. Information on computer software, products, services, and even technical support can be found quicker, limiting the time you waste searching the internet.

With no membership or registration necessary, offers a hassle free service, helping internet users refine their searches on categories such as computers, with a directory loaded with links to relevant and useful websites. Never deal with frustrating search engines again, which make you search the whole internet for one specific piece of information or product; instead, narrow your search by using, and find that key computer information in mere moments. Optimize your time on the computer, and try our free online directory now, and ensure your internet search on computers comes up with useful, informative links and content.

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