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Floors are a very important part of the house as they are central to the way a home feels. Great and well maintained floors helps to enhance the look of a house and make it more comfortable to live in. If you are not satisfied with the floors you have in the house, you don't have to live in dismay as there are some tips that you can follow to improve them. Some of the latest trends that you can work with include:

Bamboo floors: although bamboo has been in the market for a long time, there are now more varieties in terms of styles and colors. Bamboo is harder when compared to other hardwoods especially when dried. Strand woven bamboo a newer product in the market is harder than normal bamboo as it is made from the inner fibers. You also have the option of selecting from a wide range of styles to get the one that suits your home the best. As you are thinking of bamboo flooring, it is advisable to keep it from rooms that are prone to moisture such as baths and kitchens.

Hardwood floor

Large format tiles: when it comes to tiles, there are limitless options you can choose from. This is because there has been an explosion in terms of patterns, sizes, materials and shapes. Large tiles are gaining popularity by the day where more people are purchasing 12" x 24" and 36" x 36" as opposed to the traditional 12". These usually improve the looks of the home and are also easier to clean as they present less grout lines and more surface on the tile. It is however important to have a professional install them as they are quite heavy if you want the job to be done right.

Cork: you will be amazed at the comfort these types of floors bring when installed in the house. They are definitely better than tiles and the traditional wood flooring in terms of comfort. In addition to this, they also have incredible acoustic insulating qualities. It is important to note that the cork is available in almost all shades of the color palette as opposed to when it was only sold in blonde. The latest factory finishes have also made it more durable than the traditional option. It is advisable that is installed in rooms where it will not be affected by direct sunlight or moisture.

Luxury vinyl: don't be grossed out when you hear of this term as it is not the peel and stick option most people think it is. This is however a new trend of flooring that combines stone or top quality hardwood with vinyl's durability. It gives floors an amazing look as it looks so real. It is ideal for laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms and it can withstand moisture. It is also very comfortable to walk on.

Cut and loop carpet: there is an increase in the use of patterned carpets and very soft fibers. The latest trends make use of both loops and cut loops. These can be used in various rooms in the house to create a lovely look.