5 Wedding Expenses You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Weddings are expensive. So you’re probably looking for ways to save money while planning your big day. Some wedding expenses are easy to cut, but there are other things you don’t want to skimp on.

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5 Healthy Habits That Can Save You Money

There are plenty of good reasons to start building healthy habits. Maybe you want to avoid medical problems that run in your family. Maybe you just want to look better. One benefit you might not have thought of is saving money.

Here are five healthy habits that can help you cut costs, often in unexpected ways.

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Spare Time: my Old Hp Z800 Workstation Upgrade its New Purpose

Lately I’ve been thinking of a solution to host some of the blogs and projects I have on a dedicated server. My ISP provided me with some static IPs and two connections of 1 GB/s (up / down). Of course, my first love came through my mind: the Z800 workstation, my first love. Because I work a lot in the photo/video industry, I bought another system, custom-made so I cheated on my first love.

She was upset and retreated to her room, in a corner, and covered herself with clothes that I no longer wore and kept to donate to someone.

I thought to myself … what if …?

I left all the projects aside and ran to buy some old clothes from Chanel: 48 GB RAM, two SSDs, a few SAS hard drives, a controller for them and I got the job done. I must admit that I had a moment of nostalgia, a kind of bad opinion about myself mixed with joy. I thought about how long I used this workstation. As I learned to work in Photoshop and Premiere… awesome times.

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5 Car Manufacturers Offering Certified Pre-Owned Programs

When you decide to buy a new vehicle you have the option between buying new or used. New vehicles don’t have a history you need to worry about, but they’re also pricier. You can save money buying used, but there are bigger risks involved. One way to minimize those risks is turning to certified pre-owned vehicles.

Let’s explore certified pre-owned cars and some companies offering these programs.

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Three Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Are you tired of having to remove your hearing aid to listen to an audiobook or music with headphones? Do you ever get frustrated trying to replace your hearing aid with a mobile headset to answer a call before your phone stops ringing? Rather than swapping out your earpieces, you may consider using Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

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How Can Your Hobby Make You Money?

A hobby is an enjoyable activity people do during their free time for pleasure. Many people like to collect different items of interest as a hobby. While items will vary, collecting as a hobby looks similar and includes acquiring, organizing, displaying, storing, and maintaining treasured items.

Some people start collections to keep for the rest of their lives and then pass them down to children or other relatives. Others choose this hobby to make money and purchase items to sell for profit. Below are some of the more popular things people collect.

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What Are Your Options if You Can’t Afford to Have Your Car Repaired

Certain brands of cars are notorious for requiring more maintenance and repairs than others. Some luxury cars tend to be safer than less expensive ones. They have upgraded safety and maintenance features that cause the vehicle to last longer and make them less likely to be involved in an accident.

But what about those who are not in the financial situation to be able to afford an expensive luxury car?

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How to Choose a Reputable Car Service Departmen

At some point, all car owners will need to get their vehicle serviced or repaired. Even if you follow a routine maintenance schedule, eventually something will need to be repaired or replaced.

Dealing with auto repair problems can be a time-consuming process. Finding the right shop can save you money on repairs and keep your car running longer. Below are a few tips to help you find a mechanic that you can trust to take care of your car in a professional, cost-effective, and timely manner.

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