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    A web-based service that aims to protect businesses through reducing the risk caused by outstanding payments.

  • EP
    A Chinese digital asset exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. It offers charts, news and it's available in several languages.

  • Block Ventures
    Invests in seed and early stage companies, as well as ICOs using cryptocurrencies. Also focuses on launching revolutionary startups and websites.

  • Blue Sky Financial Loans
    Users can apply for a loan, no credit check needed. Online approval and customer support are offered as well at Blue Sky Financial Loans.

    A direct lender offering loans of up to £1100 with an instant decision and same day payout – even for bad credit. As an authorised FCA lender, Cashfloat is committed to lending responsibly and efficiently.

  • Claim Uniform Tax Rebate from HMRC
    An independent company who specialize in getting tax rebates for people who wear a uniform to work. Uniform tax rebate is one of the biggest under-claimed rebates within UK. Plus people who are eligible to claim can only claim back for 4 years. Hence making is crucial that a correct uniform tax refund application is made quickly.

    Offers money transfers on the US market, but on the European market the company can offer: money exchange, forex, money transfer and e-payments in 24 currencies.

  • Forex Trading Club
    Blake Smith, the owner of the Forex Trading Club has traded for over 10 years, now residing in his London HQ, he offers expert knowledge, training and in some cases free strategies to users.

  • Gizmodo EP
    A design, technology, science and science fiction website that also features articles on politics. It was originally launched as part of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton, and runs on the Kinja platform.

  • Home: IMB Building Society Personal Banking
    Provides better value banking with home, personal and car loans as well as savings accounts and term deposits at great rates with low transaction fees

  • Income Tax Loans
    Industry standard for tax refund advances for people who need cash right away.

    Online free invoicing system. Users can sign up and archive, sort and organize their invoices.

  • Lionpay Kenya
    A company that enables you to send money to KENYA; you can send money either by card (Visa or Master card) or by SWIFT/Bank wire for larger transfers.

  • MoneyPerception: Guide to Personal Finance
    An easy-to-understand guide to personal finance, covering topics such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, checking accounts, and IRA.

  • Online Brokers Australia
    Online stock, Forex and CFD broker comparison and review company located in Australia.

  • Payday Loans No Credit
    A website where users can learn about loans before ever getting one to insure that no additional financial problems arise from getting a loan online.

    Specialises in payday loans for bad credit, so you can apply even with a low credit score. The decision on their loans is instant, and if approved, they fund the money on the same day. The company is fully authorised by the FCA.

    Sets itself apart through their access to the Monevo specialised financial technology, allowing their users to easily and securely complete an application for the right personal loan without having to fill out countless application forms.

  • Privatlån EP
    An extensive informational site covering personal finance related topics in the Nordics. It enables consumers to easily compare interest rates and other terms for different personal loans.

    A new direct lender operating throughout the UK and are committed to providing fast online credit with same day funding (if approved). They are also fully authorised by the FCA which means that your safety and security are never compromised in the process.

  • Same Day Loans
    Offers education about loans online including what to do before getting a no fax, no credit check loan online.

  • Tax Rebate Guide
    An independent company who have no relationship or association with any competitors that specializes in tax rebate.

  • Tax Returned Ltd
    A limited company that process tax rebate claims on behalf of their clients. They have years of experience in helping claiming back tax refunds from the HMRC and specialise in claiming back Uniform Tax Rebates.

  • Thunder Bail Bonds
    Provides Oklahoma City, OK, and its surrounding areas with 24 hour bail bonds service, seven days a week.

  • Travel Money: Currency Exchange
    Melbourne based non-bank provider of foreign exchange services.

  • Uniform Tax Rebate
    Commited to achieving you a rebated sum of money back from the Government(HRMC) UK. Their experts help individuals learn more about how they can claim expenses such as uniform cleaning or repeat purchases.

  • University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School EP
    An online business analysis journal by the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Thejournal analyzes current business trends, publishes the latest business research, reviews book, and also serves are a repository of thousands of business articles.

  • Wyatt Investment Research
    Offers investment solutions for a wide range of financial products including stocks, bonds, mutual fund and ETFs.

  • Angel Investors
    Connect with accredited angel and startup investors via the saas funding platform provided by Gust.

  • CO-OP Financial Services
    A network of ATMs and credit unions designed to provide unique solutions to the demands of modern banking, including shared ATM networks, unique marketing, and more.

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Money is indispensable in many aspects of life. It is used in the purchase of all our daily needs and necessities. Whenever we need money for significant reasons such as investing, we have to engage financial service providers. Financial services refer to the economic services that are provided by the entire finance industry. The industry encompasses a range of organizations such as banks, insurance companies, credit unions, stock brokerages, consumer finance companies and investment funds. All these institutions major in money management.

Finance web directory

Of all the financial services, banking is the major one and is the most appreciated. Banks provide their clients with a secure and safe way of depositing and storing their money. The banks take the money and place it into a guaranteed investment fund for profit. The clients are paid an interest for the money held in the bank. Banks are also engaged in the provision of other financial services such as checks, loans, credit cards and mortgages. They offer check books to ease the payment of bills and execution of other transactions. The loans offered may be personal or commercial. Their credit card services include issuance of the cards and the processing of transactions and billing.

Banks also allow transactions through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). They offer electronic and wire transfer of funds between banks. They provide overdraft agreement to help customers meet monthly financial spending commitments. Banks also offer other financial services and are the most appreciated and commonly used financial services providers.

Insurance brokerages find appropriate insurance covers for their clients. Insurance covers transfer the risk of loss or liability from the insured to the insurer in exchange for a premium payment that may be a single amount a series of little payments. These services are nowadays prevalent over the internet as insurance brokers try to advertise their services. Insurance underwriting services are offered through agents, stock brokers and insurance brokers. Insurance plans include life insurance, term insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and property and casualty insurance. They are offered to individuals and business organizations.

Investment services include asset management, hedge fund management and custody services. Typically, investors place their money with these service providers who are expected to manage it and yield returns. Asset management services are offered by companies which run a collection of investment funds. Hedge fund management services are offered by prime brokerage divisions often located in major investment banks which enable them execute their trades. Custody services involve the processing and safe-keeping of securities trades. They also involve servicing all the associated portfolios.

Credit card services are offered by credit card companies which also engage in banking services sometimes. These services are very common as the use of credit cards is common all over the world and their popularity is growing. On purchasing a commodity, the credit card company pays for the commodity but advances a loan to the card holder and charges an interest on that amount.

Financial services play an important role in the society. Without them, no economy would be running. They make it possible for people to meet their financial needs and realize their goals in life.