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Insurance is the concept that a person, business or entity will pay a company each month for protection against certain accidents or disasters. Insurance does not stop these disasters from happening. Instead, if the accident does happen, the insurance company will pay a given amount of money to the insured entity. Many types of insurance exist, such as home or renters insurance, property insurance, health insurance and auto insurance.

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Auto insurance is a good idea

Auto insurance is the insurance of a car, truck or other personal vehicle. Auto insurance ranges from the bare minimum coverage required by law to full coverage that will insure against nearly anything happening to a vehicle.

The way auto insurance works is that a person will purchase a vehicle. They will then approach an insurance company to ask about having their vehicle insured. The insurance company will run a profile of the person and the vehicle looking for demographic details. Such details include age, race, gender, driving experience, previous accidents and the amount of time likely to be spent driving, as well as vehicular concerns like previous damage to the vehicle, age, make and model.

Once all of this data is gathered, the insurance company is able to make a decision. They look at the likelihood that the driver is going to get into an accident, compared with decades of statistics gathered by governments and insurance companies. This decision determines whether offering insurance is profitable for the insurance company, and at what rate they would have to set the insurance to make a profit.

Once a driver is insured, they pay a fee each month to retain this insurance. Then, if nothing happens, the transaction is complete. If the driver is in a collision or something happens to their vehicle, they can file an insurance claim. The insurance company assesses the damage and the cause, and determines how much money to give to the insured in order to repair or replace their vehicle.


  • AutoInsureSavings LLC
    A company helping drivers lower their auto insurance bill through a comparison of most insurers registered in their state.

  • Geico
    Geico has provided car insurance to government employees for over 75 years. They are is most famous for their multiple spokespersons, including the Gecko; has the most new customers over the past decade of any car insurance company.

  • Nationwide
    Nationwide is a mutual fund, owned by the policy holders. Nationwide does not pay dividends or offer stock options, meaning consumers are owners in the company. This mutual ownership helps keep prices low for consumers while promoting rapid claims service.

  • Progressive auto insurance
    One of the largest insurance companies in America and it was first to tap into viral marketing and social media to promote their business. They also was first to reduce rates for customers utilizing online statements and payment plans.

  • rateDigest
    Features a car insurance comparison tool, zip code based quote system and more.

  • State Farm
    State Farm is one of the oldest car insurance companies in existence. Their combination of local agents, 24-7 claims service, and repair networks help customers to ensure their insurance experience will go smoothly. State Farm offers many discounts other agencies do not.

  • USAA Auto Insurance
    Insurance and banking company which provided benefits to veterans of the military; has expanded into the general public providing the same level of benefits and services as the military members received.