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  • Americans for the Arts EP
    A non profit organisation established in 1960. Their website includes resources and services for those who wish to take part in the project of advancing arts and arts education in America.

  • Art and Craft Supplies - Art Whale
    You can get acquainted with painting and drawing with Art Whale Art Supplies. Whether you're a new or a professional artist, we're sure you'll get the knowledge needed to improve your skills. There'll be step-by-step videos on Youtube describing the process of painting with watercolor, acrylic, markers, and other paints and tools from the beginning to the end. Therefore, you'll have the opportunity to see everything and repeat it. We use the tools by Art Whale when creating the paintings. You can buy them either on or on

  • Arts - The New York Times
    The Arts page of the New York Times website. Features articles which are art-related, along with the newest information about artists, projects and upcoming artistic events. Editorials on arts are also available. Users can read up to 10 free articles monthly, without any kind of subscription.

  • DeviantART EP
    Providing motivational critiques, as well as resourceful journals and comments, it's no surprise that this deviant is also heavily involved in heading up exhibitions and devmeets with other deviants.

  • Fine Art Prints on Demand
    Custom printed Giclee art prints on fine art papers or artist canvas. Specializing in the Old Masters. Framing available too.

  • Fotofigo
    An online photo editing services company specializes in providing photo retouching, restoration, enhancement and photo manipulation services such as blemish removal, color correction, red eye removal, weight reduction, background change, braces removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitening and more.

  • I Love DIY Art
    Offers a wide range of DIY paint for adults and kids, diamond painting kits and more. The store also offers painting accessories and other related products.

  • Jamaica Wedding Photography
    Provides wedding and portrait photography services island wide throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

  • Photorelive
    Provides photo retouching services online, including wedding retouching service, models photo retouching, events photo editing and more.

  • Read, write and publish short story
    A short story publisher that promotes authors by publishing their literary work. Pays for the stories liked by its editing staff. Offers a huge online collection of short stories in various story categories. Has active forum of budding writers.

  • RepRightSongs
    Provides descriptive deeper explanations of what we can learn further about while we are trying to relate our situations to them.

  • Rising Sun Studios
    Audio editing, mixing and mastering, vibe and atmosphere, high end analog gear.

  • Rotten Tomatoes EP
    Popular for its reviews and critics to most movies from around the world. Users can read reviews about movies, rate them and more.

  • Stardustcolors EP
    For ten years, the manufacturer Stardustcolors has been developing ranges of products for the visual arts. Let's start with a sector that has nothing to do at first glance with the artistic field: car paint (for example, ceramic coating car), motorcycle paint and bike paint.

  • Top Fraud Films
    Top level reviews on all of the best fraud movies showcased from the 90's to today. Read on exclusive reviews and get to see the A-list actors that take part.

    Find any poster, art print, framed art or original art at good prices. All posters and custom framing 100% satisfaction guaranteed, fast delivery.

  • Arts Journal
    Art portal dedicated to artists and their works. Includes resources, articles, information and ideas for artists and art lovers. Theater, dance, visual, music and media arts are presented.

  • Bridget de Courcy
    Teaches people how to sing from her studio in Muswell Hill, North London.

  • Canvart: canvas wall art for your home or office
    UK canvas art prints by in a variety of sizes and categories all gallery wrapped on 100% cotton canvas and premium 38mm thick kiln dried pine. Great prices and free delivery

  • Fotoviva
    Specialising in printing various art pieces for the home decoration market such as canvas prints, poster art and modern acrylic prints.

  • Internet Movies Database - EP
    Popular resource where movies are reviewed, presented and detailed for the general public.

  • iOldies
    You can find artists that you love without having to sit through all the commercials on the radio or listen to the babbling of DJs.

  • Tattoo Shortlist
    A website featuring tattoo ideas and tattoo designs organised in topic based categories.

Arts & Humanities Web Directory

Arts Business Directory

Art takes our normal everyday existence and turns it into a life of joy and enrichment. There are so many things that enliven our thoughts. Everything from the classical arts like literature and humanities, to the pop arts like animation, comics, and design. Culture in the form of performing arts like movies, television, and theater. And the finer arts like history, education and museums.

Arts Web Directory
"The Dance" by Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

An arts web directory is also a resource for those creating and participating in the development of art.

Sections on graphic design (everything from fans, to samples to learning), architecture (historical vs. modern, clients vs. designers, form vs. function), visual arts (cartooning, design, technical proficiency), technical writing (finding gigs and finding resources), typography and writers resources categorized for easy search.

Sections on graphic design (everything from fans, to samples to learning), architecture (historical vs. modern, clients vs. designers, form vs. function), visual arts (cartooning, design, technical proficiency), technical writing (finding gigs and finding resources), typography and writers resources categorized for easy search.

Professional sections on video (homemade, professional, careers), rhetoric, photography (amateur, professional, film vs. digital), and organizations for those seeking important resources. And lastly, sections on arts education, and ethnic and gender studies.

A directory of the arts would be incomplete without including sections on consumers of art. A major section on comedy (movies, television, theater, radio), literature (classical, novels, short stories, and poetry), art listings (museums, shows and galleries).

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.

A robust section on antiques. Everything from furniture and jewelry, to shops and store and other places to purchase items, to techniques and sites for finding and restoring old items.

Finally, there is a section of work divided by genre. Your search may begin with something as simple as 'horror' or 'comedy' or 'western' and a world of possibilities is introduced from this major topic. Art is often divided by period and this directory cross-references with the recognized historical periods

An arts web directory is a collection of cross-functional categories for everything one could possibly want in their artistic pursuit. Whether as a creative force, a fan or anything in between, this arts web directory has the major categories of interest followed by subdivisions of like interest.

Street Art
3D Street Art

Are you looking for a simpler, more convenient way to conduct business, read great literature, prepare for exams, or gather data for a term paper? Welcome to Jasmine's arts directory - a directory of Internet sites with resources to help you quickly and easily satisfy your research and information needs.

Without leaving home, you can use the power of the Internet to easily locate real and virtual art libraries around the world. For anyone with an Internet connection, a wealth of authoritative online depositories of information await, including downloadable e-books, audiobooks, and videos, archived and current newspaper articles from regional and local weeklies and dailies, magazine and journal articles, and great literature in downloadable formats.

Our online art web directory takes the guesswork out of where to find the best online ready reference information, homework research aids, and leisure reading.

While it's still commonplace to visit your local public library to borrow the latest bestseller, today, with Jasmin's art web directory, you can avail yourself of a wealth of library services while sitting in front of your home or office computer. Quickly and easily search for, request, borrow or buy both physical and virtual books, magazines, music and videos.

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