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Jewelry is an excellent item to shop for online. There are many styles and types of jewelry available, and the web directory has many online retailers and custom jewelry makers from which to choose. The use of jewelry has always been for adornment and decoration, and in some societies, it also served as a form of currency. From antique jewelry to modern styles, craftsmanship is one feature that adds value to jewelry, along with the basic metals and gems from which it is created.

Some jewelry is functional, such as hat pins, buckles, and brooches, while other creations are beautiful custom decorations, worn with pride. Still other jewelry items identify membership in, or value to, groups or organizations. In some cultures, certain types of jewelry are worn to ward off evil spirits. The wedding ring is a commonly used piece of jewelry that identifies the marital status of a person.

Materials from which jewelry is made are varied, from silver, gold, and platinum metals to pearls, gemstones, and other natural or man-made materials. Soft metals like gold are blended with other metals for strength, and there are different grades and percentages that determine values of the finished products. Jewelry making equipment and supplies are another facet of jewelry that can be found at various jewelry shopping and E-commerce websites online.

Every woman is proud to wear some pieces of jewelry which will highlight her beauty, but in the same time some of them see jewelry as an investment, especially if they are very expensive. Nowadays you can find rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets at prices that everybody can afford such as those handmade or those containing gold mixed with other alloys, but on the other hand there are jewelry made of natural pearls or diamonds whose value can easily reach millions of dollars. Besides the typical accessories mentioned above, body piercings can also be seen as jewels.

Throughout time, jewelry evolved in meaning, reasons for wearing them and materials used. A couple thousand years ago there were used silver and gold coins by merchants when trading and back then these precious metals did not have the value they have nowadays. The cavemen used to make jewelry out of animal bones and usually wear them as pendants. In addition to this, wearing a symbol of the animal you've killed such as a tooth or claw was showing the bravery or the hunter, therefore he was appreciated and respected by the other ones for his courage.

All in all, one thing`s for sure: people will always appreciate the aesthetic and value of jewelry, this being an industry of billions of dollars yearly. The purpose of jewelry wasn't always the same, in ancient times people used them as symbols in order to indicate their status, while others used amulets (charms) in order to be protected from evil spirits or spells.

Jewelry is purchased for adornment and for investment. Antique jewelry can have quite a good value as an investment, as can gold or silver jewelry. In ancient societies, jewelry was made from bone, teeth, or stones, held together with leather strips or other natural materials. The Egyptians used colorful glass in jewelry, and buried it with the dead for luck in the next world. Today, jewelry continues to used for body beautification, style enhancement, and just for fun.