Common hobbies that people may have are going to the movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends, or talking on the phone. Most of the things mentioned are more like common daily activities than actual hobbies. They also don't require too much movement to complete but are rather leisure day activities.

A true hobby is something unique that you enjoy doing such as collecting stamps or playing an outdoor sport. Sports are usually not daily activities that you do everyday, but they are considered hobbies because you enjoy doing them. Sports can be grouped into the exercise category when it comes to hobbies.

One of the most common everyday sports that people can play at any park, gym, or school court is basketball. Basketball is one of the most strenuous cardiovascular activities out there, and it ranks as high as running, jogging, swimming, or tennis when it comes to calories burned. Basketball involves constant movement, jumping, running, and quickly moving your feet. Playing basketball is one of the best and most enjoyable things you can do to stay in shape.

Playing Basketball as a Hobby

The hobby of basketball builds strength throughout your entire core, your legs, your quads, and your upper body. It requires a ton of stamina and a vast amount of energy to play, especially in a team game. Unlike other sports like baseball or even football, basketball involves constant motion. Many sports get broken up every few seconds as plays are drawn up and there are adjustments to be made. Some sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball involve constant movement with few breaks to be found.

One of the funnest hobbies is outdoor basketball because it's so easy to do and can be a lot of fun. There are thousands of public hoops around the area, and the only equipment you really need are a good pair of sneakers and a basketball. Sometimes you don't even need a basketball because there are many cases where you can join games if you want to play. This can be tricky sometimes as local basketball courts may not allow strangers to come in and join or game, but most will let you play with them.

Basketball is also a great hobby when it comes to connecting with people. You can make friends or connect with your friends as well. So in a way, basketball is more of a social hobby than something you do by yourself, which enhances its aspect. There are even cases, if you play well, that you might be able to use basketball as part of your career. This usually begins at an earlier level, but there have been cases where players have been discovered simply by playing at an outdoor basketball court.

he game of basketball is a growing sport, and the United States is the mecca of the sport. There are more basketball courts than baseball or football arenas across the country because basketball courts are much easier to produce and require far less money. Basketball is now evolving into a true fitness hobby for those looking to avoid spending amount and time in a cramped, sweaty gym full of strangers. When you play outdoor basketball, you're getting fresh air, you have plenty of space, and you're getting fit doing something you enjoy.

Who wants to spend several boring hours a week on a treadmill when you can actually play a hobby that you love doing while getting more exercise than you would walking on a treadmill. Sports are the ultimate hobbies just because they make you feel good physically and mentally where listening to music may satisfy your mind, but it does nothing for you physical stamina.

Regardless if people agree with you or not, playing sports are recreational activities and hobbies, and they are only growing more popular with time. The sport of basketball is easily becoming more and more popular and may one day overtake more common hobbies to become a top ten favorite hobby. Hopefully if more people choose playing sports as hobbies instead of video games, then the obesity crisis in the United States can get resolved. Encouraging people to try new hobbies may be the best thing you can do for them.