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Architecture Web Directory

Architecture is perhaps one of the most perceived forms of all the arts. From The pyramids in Egypt to skyscrapers in New York civilizations throughout time have defined themselves and have been defined by architecture. More than shelter, more than houses or offices or buildings, architecture is the definition of humanity.

Architecture directory

From the earliest cavemen to the modern urbanite we live, work and play in the structures we create. Architecture throughout history has sought to enrich our lives by designing beautiful and extraordinary structures. In this web directory you will find a comprehensive listing of architecture, spanning all aspects of the field.

Modern architecture has broadened its scope, encompassing not only traditional forms of structural design, but now defines landscapes, urban design, city planning, furniture and even sculpture. Both traditional architecture and modern works can be found in this web directory along with information regarding famous designers and architects in the field.

Arthitecture has occured when the humanity felt the need of a shelter, of a place where they could feel confortable, without worrying about rain or windy weather. Back then, architecture meant for our ancestors only carving holes into the caves and using animal leather to upholster the walls, but nowadays architecture has become far more complex than that. When we talk about architecture, we think of houses that come in all shape and sizes, along with breath-taking buildings that seem endless. This shows the evolution of the human kind in the architectural domain.

Humanity is continuously growing when it comes to both architecture and arts. We begin to expand it all over the world, some of the most concludent examples of how inventive the humanity has become would be the Eiffel Tour in Paris or Sagrada Famiglia in Barcelona. These are indeed masterpieces, works of art created by skillful architects. And yet, this is only the beginning of an era in which architecture transposes in reality thoughts, ideas and images that once people only dared to dream of.

The materials used for ancient architecture were simple ones found in nature without needing to process them in any way, such as wood or rock. Architecture nowadays supposes more than just simple elements, we use steel and metal to ensure the solid structure of buildings, while roofs are made of high quality ceramic tiles for example, and windows aim to complete the aesthetic look of your home.

Traditional design in architecture focused heavily on form and function, relying on the basic elements of design to create useful and beautiful buildings. Modern architecture on the other hand has been able to expand its desires. Innovations in technology and materials along with a growing love for non traditional forms in the design world has led to a much different style of architecture then previously known.

Curves, domes and organic shapes never before possible, or wanted, have found their way into some of the most famous architectural buildings in the World. From the Sydney Opera house in Australia to the Guggenheim museum in New York architecture has become something far greater then simple shelter construction. Architecture is the joining of art and engineering.

With Modern materials, creative designers and a willingness to explore, Architecture has, and will design the world around us.