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  • 23isback
    A blog about Air Jordan release news, tips and articles.

  • American Work Appare
    Offers flame resistant clothing for the oil industries. Automotive apparel, work uniforms and coveralls. Many businesses find they can save money by purchasing work clothes directly rather than renting.

  • Aprons for Women
    Provides hand picked aprons for women including funny, cute and sexy aprons. They carry many designer apron brands including Jessie Steele and Carolyn's Kitchen.

  • Damart: UK
    A popular clothing manufacture known especially for its thermal clothing range and its extensive collection of casual wear and undergarments. High in quality and value, Damart are the first choice of many when shopping online.

  • DQT
    A neckwear and waistcoats store in the UK. Designed and made in-house, we provide stylish yet affordable formal and casual designs in the largest selection of patterns and colours.

  • Enewstore
    Online market place for fashion apparel. They also offer a large collection of accessories including watches, jewellery, hats, scarves and bags.

  • iGraffitee EP
    Offers for sale tanks, tees, and other apparels. They accept custom orders as well.

  • Eva Leather
    Offers a large choice of designer inspired handbags made of real leather at affordable prices. Free shipping world wide.

  • Fishtail Parka
    Fishtail parka's is home to the Stonetail brand which specializes in producing mod fishtail parka coats of the highest quality.

  • Foreign Exchange Clothing
    A trendy clothing company that caters to a wide demographic. They specialize not only in the here and now, but also past and future fashion trends.

  • Fox And Rabbit Fur Gilet: Accessories And Jackets
    Retailer of fashion fur accessories and outerwear. Their range features a range of inexpensive fox and rabbit fur garments to add style to your Winter wardrobe.

  • Hello Mello
    A brand focused on creating comfortable, fashionable loungewear and pajamas that are versatile enough to be worn on-the-go.

  • Le Summer
    Online boutique store based in Singapore. Items featured includes dresses, skirts, accessories, shorts, jumpsuits, romper and more.

  • Miss Liberty Womens Clothing
    Miss Liberty is a high quality and high fashion brand that is suited for any modern stylist. Our ranges are designed for active, high performance all the way to soft, warm and comfortable lounging.

  • My Evening Dress
    An online shop that sells formal evening dresses, cocktail dresses, prom and bridesmaid dresses of different lengths.

  • Novo Eyewear: Designer Sunglasses Eyeglasses
    Designer sunglasses from Novo-Eyewear. Brands include Cartier, Celine, Thom Browne, Gentle Monster, Porsche, Miu Miu, Chloe and more.

    A fashion website inspired by the nude trend offering a wide selection of nude shoes, neutral colored dresses and accessories matching every skin tone.

  • Photo2Fashion
    Users can create their own T-shirt with all over T-shirt printing in 3D on 100% cotton. See their many cool T-shirt design ideas. They deliver worldwide, no minimum.

    Offers embroidered golf shirts and polo shirts with your company logo.

  • PurseCastle
    Reviews and comparison charts of purses, designer handbags and messenger bags for women including top picks for concealed carry, inexpensive, wholesale, leather and organizers.

  • Resultly EP
    An app that helps online shoppers discover about 50 million products from thousands of merchants all assembled under one roof.

  • TK Maxx: Prom Dresses
    TK Maxx has a wide range of designer dresses online, with big name labels at up to 60% off.

  • Tshirt at Low Price
    Offers a wide collection of men and women's, youth t-shirts.

  • Wishirt T-shirts
    Wishirt - Online tshirt store. We are a company with registered trademark and more than a decade of experience in customizing t-shirts. We have a great selection of products that are perfect gifts for father's day, birthday and Christmas. A large portion of our catalog is focused of matching t-shirts for father and son, mother and daughter and couples. We also sale t-shirts and hoodies for every day use.

  • Zesti
    Zesti is a new top-end care clothing brand that offers style, performance & cutting edge fit.

  • Alsico Workwear
    A provider of workwear to various industries throughout the UK and Europe.

    Features designer clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women from fashion designers such as Moncler down Jackets, Thom Browne Shirts. Fendi T- Shirts, Givenchy sweaters.

  • Bardot
    An Australian fashion power house for all kinds of women dresses. They provide a wide collection of items including denim, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, bottoms and jackets.

  • Bizymoms: All About Consumer Shopping
    Informative articles about consumer shopping for women, men and children. Also learn how to choose gifts that range from DVDs, music and movies to books, electronics and computers, as well as shopping.

  • Blossom Costumes
    An Australian online shop which provides 100's of costumes to choose from.

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Clothing Web Directory

Clothing is a multi-purpose item that is made from a variety of materials, natural and man-made. The primary purpose of wearing clothing is to cover the skin and provide shelter from the elements. It is also a hygienic barrier from germs and toxins, and helps to prevent the spread of disease and viruses. Above the functional purpose, clothing is worn for social and cultural reasons. Some rules for dressing are set by religious traditions, and by certain social groups. Clothing can also be used for personal style preferences. Materials that clothing is made from include natural fibers such as grass, cotton, silk and wool, from animal skins for leather, or from man-made materials like polyester, nylon, and plastics. Clothing is teamed up with accessories such as purses, jewelry, shoes, or canes.

Clothing worn for protection from weather can be insulating against cold, wet, or heat. It can protect against insects, chemicals, and weapons, and sun, wind or snow. Some types of clothing are worn by people in order to protect an environment, as in a sterile room. There are special types of clothing for certain jobs, as for beekeepers, astronauts, and divers, and clothing that offers protection from danger, as do armor, motorcycle leathers, and high visibility clothing.

Shopping for clothes was always one of the biggest hobbies a woman (and not only) can have, they can spend hours in the mall and they still don`t get bored. "Give a woman a credit card and she will buy all the clothing pieces that she sees", probably this was the motto that lead to the efficient development of the E-commerce that we see today, when it is easier for shoppers to access online stores. Here, customers can find whatever they want, from lingerie offered by well known brands to expensive dresses and accessories that come with a guarantee certificate.

For the past ten years, the E-commerce and online ways of shopping have developed extremely much, this thing allowing the shoppers to buy the items that they are looking for without even lifting themselves from their armchairs, only by clicking and adding products to a virtual cart. Hundreds of thousands of sites offer clothing and accessories at prices that are often cheaper in comparison to the ones shoppers are being given in stores. Besides this, the clothing will be right in front of your door usually within 24 hours or even less, depending on the distance and the weather conditions.

To sum up, clothing and accessories will always be some of the fields in which people show the most interest, as long as there are designers to create clothes and customers to buy them. Web directories are often seen as a very important source of information because they have categories for every domain and in the one dedicated to clothing, they list links to some of the most popular online stores, a real delight for shoppers and business owners as well.

Clothing can be gender specific, or uni sexual. There are cultural clothing and societal rules for what clothing can be worn, when, and by whom. In some societies, a type of clothing indicates a person's social status or rank. Special clothing highlights those who are in religious service, or who are emergency workers or soldiers.

The clothing industry has many associated industries, such as clothing fabric and accessory manufacturing. A web directory can direct browsers to websites that specialize in various clothing specialties and related businesses that offer shopping and E-commerce.<