Let's talk about...Discounts!

  • How do we support SEO and marketing agencies?
How discounts work on Jasmine Directory?

How much?

Upon paying for 10 reviews there is an astonishing 50% off. It can get to higher values in coordonance to volume.


SEO agencies, marketing agencies and anyone who wants to list for review more than 10 websites.


Because, in our 12 years experience, we've tried harder and hardet to fit perfectly into the marketing niche by collaborating with our partners and clients alike.


Users may select the desired volume of listings they intend to submit by using our contact page.

When can the listings be submitted, after payment is processed?

After we verify the purchase, immediately.

Will the editor credentials ever expire?

No. You can submit all your listings at once, or, let's say, 2 listings in February, than, 1 in March, 7 in April. It's really up to you and the consistency of your clients.

Can you do it for me?

Yes, of course. You just need to send us your Excel list and we'll add all your listings.

Prepaid individual listing review payment button.

About Us

Jasmine Directory is a human-edited web directory providing websites and businesses categorized topically and regionally. It offers thirteen topic-based categories and one region-based category with hand-picked and reviewed users' suggested resources. Jasmine Directory was founded in 2009 by Pecsi Andras and Robert Gombos and is headquartered in Valley Cottage, New York.

According to information posted on the Social Implications blog, Jasmine Directory appeared to be compliant with Google's general guidelines as of February 2018. Also, the Daily News Egypt found the directory to follow "the rules set forth by Google". Ann Smarty, search marketer and columnist at Entrepreneur, found the directory provided a "valuable user experience".

Leo Giosue from The Jerusalem Post named Jasmine Directory as "one of the most prominent directories in the industry."

Matt Hodgson, owner of Addme, a SEO company founded in 1996, opines that "when done the right way, directories such as Jasmine Directory are far more reliable than a typical search engine result because they are edited by real people who go through every link to determine whether it provides any relevant information." He also gave the directory a grade A, pointing that Jasmine Directory is "more user oriented in so many ways and Google compliant as well." ❤️