Most women and some men have planned their ideal weddings ever since they were little girls and boys playing with their dolls and action figures. To them, it is a dream, and dreams do come true. Destify is just one of the magical places where dreams come true. Are you planning to get married soon? Have you selected your ideal venue, date, honeymoon? Whether your answer is yes or no to any of the questions, you may want to confirm with Destify first. It is a destination wedding company from E. Madison, Chicago, that's devoted to simplifying destination weddings. No matter how big or small your wedding is, they have something beautiful and special just for you. They have a website where you can find all the information you need about them. And now, I'm going to let you know what to expect from it.

The User Interface

Elegance! That's what the Destify website is all about. From the moment the home page of the website is done loading, you'll be bombarded with elegance from all directions. I must highlight that the company's logo is awesome. It's very clever. It's a wedding ring, and the designer of the logo found a way of nicely introducing the 'D' into it to signify 'Destify'; beautiful, isn't it? And there's more.

The instant the home page loads, you can't help noticing the beautiful beach wedding being insinuated by the slideshow that welcomes you to the website. The sans-serif font used on the site is just right for it. It contributes significantly to the elegance of the site.

The website is very interactive and alive. As you scroll down not only on its homepage but also the other web pages, you can't help noticing the way words and images keep flying in from all directions. Most websites just contain static text and as you navigate them there really is nothing interesting about them. But with Destify's website, the web designer saw to it that the site is as alive as possible.

Destify's website is very well arranged and easy to navigate. The site is interesting, but nothing really is a mystery. Anyone who has ever visited a website before, even if it's just a little, can navigate the site without any trouble. The website has used pretty conventional web design techniques but the secret to its elegance lies in the font used for its text, the arrangement of content on the site, the beautiful animations on the content, and the color scheme. All these elements have been cleverly used together in harmony to create a website that's beautiful to look at and fun to explore.

There are a lot of images in Destify's website. If you are planning to get married in the near future and you are looking at the photos on the site, you will get nothing but inspiration and motivation from them. Don't be surprised if you find yourself borrowing some ideas from the lovely weddings and wedding destinations you'll see on the site, and better yet, don't be surprised if you completely modify your wedding plans based on what you see on the site. That's just how hypnotizing and fascinating the photos on the site are.

I really liked the concept of having a customized website based on your wedding created for you. It's really convenient before and after the wedding. Before the wedding, you can just send people a link to it and they'll get all the information they need from it. And after the wedding, those uncles, friends, cousins, work colleagues, and neighbors who, for reasons best known to them, didn't make it to the wedding, can just go there and see what they missed, as they hit themselves on the head with regret. You'll find this option on the home page of the site, immediately after the slideshow.

Destify's website even provides you with tools to help you plan your wedding. "What kind of tools?" you ask. There are research tools as well as planning tools. From the research tools, you'll find things like Wedding Venue Search, Destination Wedding Cost, Types of Wedding Venues, among others. From the planning tools, you'll find things like Destination Wedding Quiz, Wedding Cost Calculator, Important Wedding Dates, Wedding Checklists, among others.

The website is just resourceful from all directions as far as weddings are concerned.

I think I should also mention some of the destinations you could consider for your wedding as far as the company is concerned. They are:

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Hawaii
  • Caribbean Islands

What do you think about those?

Business address

Destify Wedding Destinations
29 E. Madison Street,
United States

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Phone: +1-800-792-6898