The advent of the internet and the potential it has for business growth has seen many business enterprises setting up an online presence. For any business building, a website is a simple matter of developing code for the back-end servers and designing a visually appealing front-end display that the visitor to the site can easily interact with.

Websites serve customers and businesses have to ensure that the functionality of the site is simple to understand and use, meaning the layout, as well as the navigation, and colors, should all go into aiding visitors around your site. Let us review this website - - and see whether it meets these specifications.


The homepage features a headline stating the hotel's name and the service they offer. The page features simple template with the navigation bar at the top of the page and visible enough for any visitor to see. The central theme is the white color with grey highlights to frame the page.

As you scroll down, you can see the rooms available at the establishment. Several images provide you with an idea of how the various rooms with varying prices look from the inside.


Navigation of a website impacts business transactions directly. Companies try and make their sites user-friendly with none overly complicated navigation bars. The navigation bar on this website is horizontal and features the hotel's logo, and tabs leading to their booking options, their resource pages as well as the contact pages.

When you select any of the tabs with your mouse, drop-down menus appear so visitors can rapidly find what they are in search for. The navigation is responsive and changes color whenever you scroll down pages. There is no search functionality however which users won't require since the layout makes moving around the website simple.

Loading Speeds

The loading times, once you click any link on this page, is remarkable. It is clear from the features that this is because the company ensured that they enabled HTTP compression capabilities at their web server to reduce the number of data needs consumed by a requested page. This significantly improves loading time.

The use of images was superb as there is no un-optimized image on any of the website's different pages enhancing the speed of the site. The choice to stick with simple color schemes for the design and avoid flashy page designs also helps bolster loading times.


Since many visitors to business sites are usually not prepared to spend money on products and services without gaining more information, this site provides all the resources needed to convince the prospective customer to spend money on their services. The primary Calls-to-action (CTA) on the homepage including "Play", "Dine", "Stay", and "Meet" help to compel visitors to go deeper into the website and increase their likeliness to make a booking or purchase.

The website made sure to provide secondary CTAs for additional information like affiliated partners, about us, location, and contact information. These resource links prove helpful and allow you to gain quick access to company information and the many services at their hotel.


This section is a page which usually has a list of standard queries that users accessing the website might have concerning the company and the nature of their business and services. The site does not have this section, but they have listed useful links that are equally as useful.

These secondary CTAs include links to information on responsible gambling, the reef-casino trust, privacy policy, employment vacancies available and community benefit fund.

About Us

This website renamed this to "general information" and is located among the links on the drop-down menu when you press the "Play" tab. On this page, they posted the opening hours of the facility and even mention some of their services in a general manner. They also have information on local events and the outdoor activities on offer in and around the hotel-casino.

There are links to their social accounts on Facebook and Twitter on the page as well and links to dress code and car rate resources. There is a brochure you can access on this page to read more about the Reef Hotel Casino establishment.

My Take

I personally believe that the feel and look of this website was very good, there were no lag times when loading pages, I was also able to quickly access all the information about what the hotel-casino have to offer when you visit it in Queensland, Australia.

Anyone with limited knowledge of the destinations in Australia where one can relax and have fun or host events like weddings can easily find a solution through the simple navigation of the website.

The contact information is on display around most of the pages, and this is a right touch as well. The elegant and sleek responsive pages make interacting with the website intriguing. The colors match well with the overall layout.

Business address

The Reef Hotel Casino
35-41 Wharf St,

Contact details

Phone: +61-7-40308888