The mission of this company is to give people more than a place to stay and instead give them a place to feel at home. To that end, they pay meticulous attention to detail in all of the apartments they offer. Whether in Boston, Dublin, London, or Hong Kong, they are all evaluated by the company using the same standards, which are all available for consumers to see.

As part of their mission,es a technological approach to their service, beginning with the Guest Services app as well as a standardized checklist for each property they list.

They list apartments in 98 cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the United States and includes numerous photographs and lengthy descriptions of each property. There is also information about the area, reviews of each place, and an overall score for the property based on the reviews that have been written.

Business address
150-152 Fenchurch Street, 2nd Floor,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 02037013010