We are passing through earth on our way to the afterlife. Jesus teaches us on the actions and lifestyles that will make death a doorway to spiritual blessings rather than suffering. The Christian life is not easy, but for the benefits stretching into eternity, its worth the fight! Jesus gave us a template for living (through the wisdom He imparted) of keeping our eyes on the goal of heaven above all else.Being a Christian is difficult, however our Lord has also promised us eternity with Him should we succeed; it's a fight worth fighting for. Besides, He did tell us his yoke is easy and burden light (compared to the ways of the world); if you practice, am sure you'll see his point. We think that we have been placed on earth to attain spiritual growth.

After It's attained, we move on to the next step (we are essentially sojourning on the earth as pilgrims, on our way somewhere). We are believers of Christ, and thus Christians.  Jesus teachings in their difficulty and nobility ring true to us and we accept that it's what's required in preparation for life after death. Ours is an experiential religion. You can never truly understand without actually doing. The more you practice, the more your eyes will be opened up to a Christian worldview. The change of heart and mind comes slowly, as you continue to apply Jesus teachings. We paraphrase the words of a great thinker, who said something to the effect that "exposing yourself to greatness (in this case our Lord Jesus Christ), is like standing close to a fireplace; whether you are interested or not, you will benefit from the warmth". At the websites end, we hope, you will have a very clear idea of Jesus teachings and thus what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus.