There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience. Everyone in a way is in the deep search for inner and true peace, bliss, and happiness. We are all aware that unless peace comes from within, one will never truly be peaceful. All the way from India, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji promises to show you the way to attaining inner peace and happiness through science and spirituality. He is a world renown and acclaimed spiritual guru who has touched the lives of many. His website, has been dedicated to the wonderful work he is doing in promoting peace and happiness to humanity. In this review, I'm going to let you know what to expect from the website.

There is Much Beauty in Simplicity

The design of the website is amazingly simple. You can tell that the web designers took their time to come up with something that will just be as simple as the spiritual guru it's meant for. It's easy to navigate and find your way through. Everything is plainly before you. At the top of each web page you have the navigation, followed by the main content, and then at the bottom of the page, you have some promotional items and then the footer.

Something I really appreciate about the simplicity of the website is the fact that the content on each web page is brief and to the point. The website has various web pages and it's good that those behind its design have only provided the content needed for each web page. Anyone visiting it for the first time will be able to learn everything that there is to know about the guru in no time. It took me roughly thirty minutes to go through 10 pages on the website and understand what it was all about as well as who Sant Rajinder Singh Ji is and what his teaching is all about.

All the web pages on the website have a uniform theme, and it's only the content that keeps changing depending on what the web page is about. Once you visit one of the pages, you will have no issue whatsoever going through the other web pages.


I couldn't help noticing the use of various pictures depicting different kinds of flowers and vegetation around the website. They give the sense of peace and calmness. I think the web designer of the site considered this and actually nailed it on the head. It gives the website the exact mood it needs to successfully deliver the message it is intended for. It's the leaves, flowers, and a touch of water here and there on some of the images that make the site actually feel like a website that promotes inner peace, calmness, and happiness.

Furthermore, most of the images on the site have some text quoting the guru, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji. The text uses fonts that reinforce the message being delivered and also that complements the background image. They are catchy, soothing, and very inspiring.


The website is nice and simple and I appreciate it for that. But there is something I found to be out of line and a good review won't be complete if something was missing and the reviewer failed to mention it.

The website it's not responsive. In this time and age, the ability of a website to be responsive is key. As from this year, 2018, Google's algorithm is going to change to give priority to mobile devices. The reason behind this is that Google has been monitoring it's search engine and discovered that most of the searches made on the search engine came from various mobile devices.

More and more people are employing mobile devices for their internet activities in one way or another. Responsiveness is one area that the developers of the website failed to consider, and this means that in the near future, promoting this website will be difficult. Most of the users who are likely to visit this website will be using some form of mobile device, considering that it's just a website that provides information about the guru. For the website to flourish and be fruitful in the future, it's paramount that the developers work on making it responsive as soon as possible.

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Science of Spirituality Lisle Center
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