Soul Growth is a website which emphasizes several things concerning life, theology and a new world vision which is bound our way. There is a lot of information contained on the website which better underlines the things the author wants to transmit. Personal visions and experiences are shared on the site as well.

Several pictures and a lot of text compose the bulk of the website. The author’s personal beliefs are expressed and you’ll get a general idea about what’s what and who’s who once you go through most of it. There are a total of six different main pages, aside from the homepage: astrology, biography (containing information about the author), unanswered questions, Christianity, disclaimer and a blog. Each of these portray the information relevant to their respective fields, while the disclaimer offers details on what the site is about and what can and cannot be taken literally.

The blog section offers a list of articles relevant to the whole idea behind the website. Articles range from science to religion and even correlations between the two – so you’ll be able to read up on a lot of information that might interest you if you’re already a fan of the website. As far as quality goes, the articles are well-written and contain a lot of useful information for those interested in it. Keep in mind that once you click the Blog tab, you’ll be redirected to the blog and you’ll have to go back to the main site either by writing in the address or by clicking “Back to Main Website”.