No man is an island. No woman is an island either. Human beings are social creatures. And more than that, each of us desires that one person who means the world to us. More often than not, that person is a member of the opposite sex. Adamo Dating is a Norwegian online dating place. It's owned and operated by Adamo Dating AS, a legal taxpaying entity in Norway. On the website, men can interact with women from Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. If it sounds juicy to you, here is what you should expect from it.

The User Interface

The overall look of the website is neat. It has a beautiful modern look; like it was designed by the modern generation for the modern generation.

When you visit the website for the first time, you will be presented with a very simple "login" page. It contains the logo of the company at the top, followed by two boxes that are right next to each other. The boxes are asking you to identify your gender and interest. One box has blue as one of its colors; it's for men who are looking for women. The other box has pink as one of its dominant colors; it's for women looking for men. If it is your first time on the website, you should determine which box is for you and click one of the options inside it.

The options inside the boxes are written in various languages, but they all read the same thing; either, "I am a man seeking a woman" (the blue box) or "I am a woman seeking a man" (the pink box). Right below these boxes is a login form. If you are already a member of the website, the form is your key back to having fun. After the form is the footer of the website, and that's it for that page. If you are already a member on the site, once you log in, you'll be taken to the interactive area where you can mingle with beautiful women from Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, if it is your first time on the website, you'll have to choose from one of the boxes mentioned earlier. Once you choose your destiny, you will then be directed to the main home page of the website.

On the homepage of the website, at the topmost part of the page is the main navigation. To the right of the main navigation you'll find two buttons; one for "Joining" the site and the other for "logging in'. On the homepage of the site, you'll also get a brief introduction to the site, and you'll find various options for joining it.

One of the most important items on the main menu is the "Tour" menu item. It takes you to the Tour page. This page gives you a glimpse of what's on the other side of the site once you have paid. You don't have to pay and join the website to know what it is like as a member of the site. I think that was very considerate of the people behind the website. Women who are interested in finding mates on the website can join for free. But the same is not true for men; they will have to pay $25/month to join the site. The good news is that once the payment is done, there are no other payments or fees. All expenses involved on the website are covered in the $25. As a member of the site, you will have full access to all features and beautiful people.

In case you are worried about security, don't. The website uses SSL technology to secure its financial transactions.

Furthermore, the website is also well encrypted, so any privacy issues shouldn't be a concern for you. As a member of the site, your business within the website will remain there and no one will illegally have access to your information or business.

A cool feature of this online dating platform is that it provides translation capabilities to its members. The designers and developers of the website realize that since the people meeting on the site are from different regions of the world, it is possible that there may be a language barrier. To solve this, they included a translate feature that will translate any foreign language for you. So whether she or he is from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe, or wherever, you will both be able to communicate with each other.

The website also has a very useful blog. You can learn all sorts of things about online dating and relationships in general from its blog. I believe the dating company wants to give their all to their clients. Check out their blog when you can; it's part of the main menu items.


The website doesn't contain a lot of images. The only place images are in abundance is the section where members interact with each other. Either way, the pages of the site still load fast enough. The site is also responsive; whether you are using your tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer to access it, you should have no problem whatsoever registering and using it.

Adamo Dating is a simple modern looking website. Its user interface is really neat, brief, and colorful. Its performance is excellent considering the kind of traffic it receives. Everyone should have an easy and fun experience venturing it.

Business address

Adamo Dating AS

Contact details

Phone: +4793045272