Gay news is not necessarily hard to find. The gay community has many online news outlets that are published by gay journalists for gay readers. We review many of those websites right here. However, what may perhaps be more rare to find is a well curated news portal on gay issues and gay rights that is published by a major mass media news organization.

The Guardian's Gay Rights news site is just that. If you are not familiar with The Guardian, it will soon become one of your favorite online newspaper bookmarks. The Guardian is the premier newspaper in the United Kingdom and is renowned the world over. Known for its in-depth and hard hitting investigative reporting, The Guardian is perhaps the European newspaper that best rivals the New York Times.

What is even more impressive about The Guardian is the fact that it is the only major English language newspaper that has a vast and expansive gay news portal on their website. Many other major newspapers will report on gay news, of course. However, those other papers do not actively maintain a prominent gay news section of their online newspaper. The Guardian, however, does just that. In fact, they do a superb job of it.

The Guardian's Gay Rights website is primarily focused on policy and politics impacting gay rights around the world. At the time of writing, there were over 3,000 articles on gay rights available to read. For example, there is extensive reporting on same-sex marriage legislation, repeal attempts, and court decisions in the U.S. The Guardian's site also provides focused coverage of self-identified gay politicians from around the world. Another key feature is the stable of first rate gay bloggers and op-ed writers.

In terms of navigation, the site is very easy to use. News stories are posted most recent first, and many stories have pictures included. The Guardian also provides links to a number of useful gay rights resources in the left sidebar.

In summary, The Guardian's Gay Rights website is one of the most extensive gay news sites on the Internet. It is daily essential reading for anyone following gay rights.