I just did a tour of a really rad website: http://gaystarnews.com/. If you haven't seen it yet you are missing out. When I opened the site my first impression was of a dynamic "now" professional appearance.

The menu is super easy to navigate, listed across the top in reasonably large type for easy reading. The HOME page has brief headlines of all the latest articles and recent articles that received lots of interest that you can either click on there or go to the category across the top.

The home page is constantly being updated, 24/7, with information from around the globe. Honestly, this is without a doubt one of the best GLST website I have ever been to. Each item was logical, professionally written, great grammar and nothing ludicrous or crude or angry, super journalism.

The TRAVEL section had some wonderful locations for vacations or holidays that are GLST friendly and not to be missed. The website is registered in England and Wales but has contacts in Los Angeles and New York in America, Shanghai, and of course, London.

I came on board from an American location without any problems at all. In fact the URL did not indicate that I was going to a UK location. Reading some of the news articles made me feel that I was really reading honest reporting, not some politically correct garbage with a prejudicial undertone.

Oh sure, there were some "not-in-my-backyard" articles, but it was news that I need to know as it helps to keep me on the pulse of how people think, even if I can't change their misconceptions, I at least know who is thinking what.

I feel more informed now that I have been to the site than before. Do yourself a favor and put the website at the top of your favorites list. Do your friends a favor and share the site with them.