I was excited to learn I would get to review gay.amacablog.com, a gay news source. I know far too well that gay news sites are hard to find so I was hoping this would be a good site for the whole community. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. It was not all bad by any stretch, but some things could have been done better.

We can start with the news since it is a news site. Our blogger seems to post about 2 blogs or so a day. That is not that bad when you consider how many gay events that warrant attention happen; you simply cannot fill it full of news each day. What is written is well researched and written. He also goes to great length to ascribe his news sources and that is something that is not seen often enough. To add news for both gay and straight readers there are many links to the sister site, americablog.com. There articles, however, are often a challenge to read as they link background stories to them.

It is the layout and the navigation that I have a problem with. I understand that they need to monetize the site but it appears that they went a little overboard. You have to fight your way around ads to read the story. Also, they make a page that was too busy to start with even worse.

Navigation is also a bit of a problem. There is no clear breakdown. A few sections and a home page button at the top would be helpful. You are going to have to use you browser's back and forward button to get around with.

As mentioned, it is not all bad. They do offer links to outside sources. These stories have nothing to do about being gay. There are also links to favorite sites. All and all, I would give it an overall neutral rating.