South African fresh new site for alternative lifestyle people, worldwide, which offers the very latest in news and information about what is going on that is worth your attention in societal areas. Regional calendars and information are readily available in an easy-to-navigate site, connecting to many social networks people are already a part of, i.e., Tweet, Facebook, etc.

The photographs were attractive, more so in that they didn't appear to be touched up and too studio-altered; they looked authentic and real, which pretty much sums up the whole site itself. I found it interesting to explore new connections and contacts. The site claims to be 100% secure, which gives one a very private-conscious sense of trust when opening up the various offered links. Privacy is an imperative and sometimes rare entity, especially today with sites hacked into for accessing personal information and identities. Fortunately, with the advent of hyper vigilant security programming, this will become a thing of the past that trespassers can do.

I was interested in exploring new avenues of information that I knew little about and nothing about and was intrigued to be able to find my area news specifically. New same-sex marriage litigation is still a very significant court event that only ten years ago was dismissed as an anomaly.

There are all sorts of fun articles to read, people to meet and chat with, and areas of expertise worth learning about within the site. I found everything at my fingertips, ready to be opened and definitely "user friendly!" Well designed, colorful and attractive it was a pleasure to continue exploring at my leisure. There were no annoying flashing advertisement promotions that I always avoid. There were no surveys to fill out to get to another link. These are not only annoying, but can easily made to "accidently" have something you didn't have any intention of subscribing to "purchased" where free is truly NOT free.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting, and give it 4 out of 5 stars!