Gay Times UK is widely recognized as one of the first magazines specifically aimed at gay men and today it is a bold, fun and accessible site for all things related to the gay scene, and more.

Although originally the magazine was devoted to campaigning for political and social justice for gay men, today it has massively branched out. It promises to offer the gay man everything he needs to know to take care of his health, lifestyle and well being.

Easy to navigate, the magazine and its website extensively cover lifestyle and current affairs, including articles on fashion, style, music, arts, health and grooming. Gay Times has particularly good coverage of all things cultural, covering new TV shows and films ranging from the big-budget to the art-house that will interest readers, focusing on the UK but with plenty of coverage from around the globe.

There's a healthy dose of celebrity gossip, and a barometer of what's hot and what's not. Competitions offer users the chance to win great prizes every week. GT regularly takes the pulse of its readers' views using polls and quizzes.

People looking for support and advice can find it in the site's many fun, informal blogs, as well as in the GT forums. These are also a great place to share news and opinions with other users in a friendly and open-minded setting. There are interviews with figures in gay culture, as well as up-to-the-minute and in-depth guides to all aspects of the gay scene up and down the country, with events and travel guides, travel like a local and find places to stay with friendly hosts all around the world.

GT also features a dating site, GTDate, which promises to help users find their perfect match online, plus an X-rated area.

In 2011 the magazine and website underwent a major overhaul of its design, as well as a bold re-branding that made it fresh and new for the brand-new decade.