The website provides the latest headlines along with featured interviews and reports. It boasts to be the largest European Gay news service and I can see why. They cover a wide range of topics from around the world on par with the most established news organizations, while keeping loyal to their LGBT following. Topics range from the latest Gay entertainment, financial, and political news to global reports on health and religion.

I find all topics to be easily accessible to even the most novice user. Each category is also narrowed to sub-categories and what pops up is relative to what you choose. You don't have to spend a lot of time searching for your interest, because it is clearly written on the front page. When clicking on the "World" , I was able to bring up not only the latest headlines from around the world, but I was given the opportunity to look at over 566 pages of archived news dating back to 2005.

If you are searching for something particular there is also a search dedicated to the site, so you'll be able to find what you need.

Unlike most of the other top online news sites, they don't seem to overwhelm the reader with videos, which is fine for me. I prefer to read my stories, although, on occasion I find a video linked to a report that I like. This isn't to say they don't take advantage of current technology in other ways. They offer an iPhone App and a newsletter sent to your email, along with connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

The only negative distraction I find to this website is the advertising and there is enough of it on each page to annoy me, but I realize that it is the only way to keep it free and convenient. This being said, I think it is definitely a worthwhile resource for the LGBT community. There is good amount of depth to the reporting and it's very entertaining.