offers worldwide gay news. It has a daily pod cast. This site is a wealth of knowledge. It offers news stories that you wouldn't generally see in other news sources. The site is easy to navigate and users can subscribe to daily email summaries of gay news stories.

The site even offers stories that include current legislative issues relating to those in the gay community. Users of the site can comment on stories if they feel the need. Unlike many other gay news websites, the site seems to be updated often and offers a variety of news. The site is easy to navigate at there are no annoying advertisements often placed on other websites. Newer stories appear on the first page of the site, but users can access older news by clicking on "Next Page" towards the bottom of the page.

There are even links so that users can promote the website through various social media outlets. There is also a comments section to send ideas or suggestions about how to make better. A survey is available pertaining to opinions on how to make the pod cast better.

Users of the site can easily contact them by filling out a simple form. However, there is no email address or phone number to contact them directly which may be a turn off for those wanting to speak to someone at

One of the more user friendly components of seems to be that it is available in a wide variety of languages. If a user is searching for a particular piece of gay news they can easily put key words relating to the news into the sites search engine.

Overall seems to be a well maintained gay news related website. Because it provides many current gay news pieces, it is an asset to the gay community or for those that are interested in gay news around the world.