Those who visit the website are in for a treat. This informative news page keeps the gay community up to date on the current happenings. This website, totally dedicated to the gay community, is easy to navigate and interesting to look at.

Those who want to find out where the gay marriage petitions stand, can easily access this information on the front page. Front and center, it is easy to find the news regarding California's Prop 8 ruling will have no problem following this story. The gay community is getting a great deal more attention now than ever and this website allows one to keep up to date. Before, one was required to search the internet and scan through numerous websites to get the information they wanted. The website, puts all the information one could ever need in one spot and it is easy to read.

Looking for gay community events has never been easier. The 14 Days/14 Nights section shows exactly the entertainment needs one is looking for. There are film festivals, great books, movies that portray gay lifestyles and even vacations destinations that are gay and lesbian friendly. It is a one stop shop for all resources that anyone living an alternative lifestyle could possible need.

The Gay City News will send everyone who subscribes out a newsletter. There are links on the front page for sister papers, such as The Villager , Downtown Express and the Chelsea Now. Want to see what other gay couples have made it to the altar, current weddings and celebrations section tells all the recent developments in gay marriage and those who have tied the knot.

This website is stacked full of articles that are of interest to most gay individuals. Whether for pure entertainment or just for keeping up with current events, this website has everything one could ever ask for. It is easy to navigate as all the tabs are clearly directional and easy to understand. While there are other gay newspapers and sties available, Gay City News is one of the most user friendly sites on the web.