The Gay News Network is the place to be for all things gay. The Australian-based site offers a fun and fresh look at topics affecting those in the GLBTI community. This site is packed full of news, opinions, photos, an adults only section and even a shopping area where you can subscribe to your favorite magazines, purchase books, CDs, clothing and more.

At first glance, one cannot help but to be drawn to the colorful photos on the home page. While the GNN Home Page has a fun layout, it may be crammed a little full for the taste of some. However, on the plus side, navigation throughout the site is super simple.

With so much information in one place, a person really could spend all day on this site. The News section is fabulous with its coverage of the latest gay issues. The most current events are listed from the top to bottom. There is an archives section to search for past stories.

The Viewpoint area allows members to voice their opinions on hot topics and allows readers to comment. The Features, Life+Style and Entertainment sections are just what they sound like. Like every other area of the site, they are stocked with interesting articles and fun photos. Out and About is an amazing photo gallery overflowing with great pictures taken at many different events.

The Adult section is certainly not for the prude. The articles contained in this area are enough to make anyone blush. With titles such as, "Handy and Randy," "Mounting Everett," and "Straight Boys Go Wild" this is a section you don't want to miss!

All in all, I found this to be a fun and informative site. I had a bit of difficulty distinguishing between some of the sections, particularly Features and Life+Style. They seemed to be interchangeable to me, but both contained great articles. This is definitely a site I would recommend to my friends.