The website looked a little Myspace like at first because of the particular designs. I think the colors could have been a little brighter in ways to catch more attention. I did actually find the site interesting, and I read portions of it. I learned information I was not aware of, and that was a cool point that stood out to me.

The site was easy to navigate with all the options easily found. I am a woman, but this website sparked my curiosity of the gay men in the arts. If it got me interested, I think it would make more people interested even if they are not a part of the gay communities. Neil Patrick Harris is one my top list of actors I adore, and I learned more things about him on this website that pleased me.

Many options were available to choose from when picking exactly what you want to look at. I was very satisfied with the options of video, community forums, tv, movies, etc.

There was an add about checking for locations that test for an std, and that freaked me out a little. I can totally understand thought because it is 2012, and people should have the ability to go and do this. That was sort of a good tool to use if anyone should need it.

The website seemed to be geared toward gay men only because of the gay television shows and movies. That made sense in the fact that this page is based on the gay man and the arts. I know I learned about some more talented gay men that I have never heard of before.

One of the best parts that grabbed my interest and attention was the part where someone could tell their own story, and the option was extremely easy to find when it was at the top choices with the others. I would love to sit down one day and read some of those stories.

My overall opinion of the site was excellent, but I think there should be ways to attract other people rather than just gay men, but it is understandable why it would mostly be that. I have an interest myself, and I am not gay or a man. I just love to learn about different things and people that are not like me, and I love to hear a person's story.

The colors could be brighten up with a different blue or something. I was not feeling that background grey either for some reason. Otherwise, the site has major informative potential that a gay man or others can learn, and it is a place they can turn to for knowledge.