This website is actually rather plain. The pictures do add some color, but it really doesn't have any flair. I get that nerds are generally plain in taste for color, but this is really monotone. The background is just a plain white.

A little bit of flare would make it pop much more. The sliding news bar on the top section of the webpage is great, it moves easily and doesn't cause any lag to the website at all. The loading process from page to page is a tad bit slow.

This website is highly interactive. There are forums to participate in, a chat tab, a shop, and many other features. You can also search for specific content with their search tool, which works very well. The website, in general, is well laid out and highly functional. There is a lot of information about comics and superheroes.

They publish what their readers have spoken up to want to read on their page. It is a reader based website, which is what draws me in the most. A lot of topics in the GLBT community aren't published, but here, it can be. The website is formatted for more of a widescreen view though. Some of their logo is cut off in the top left hand corner.

They have an interactive event calendar. Members of the website can be part of the event calendar and have their birthdays listed with their usernames instead of their personal names. The information on this website is great.

At first glance, you wouldn't see it as a GLBT geared website though. You actually have to scroll through things and look. It honestly just looks like a regular page that supports GLBT lifestyles, instead of one that is geared specially for the GLBT community. It's discreet but informative at the very same time. It is a very friendly community from what I can tell, I would be comfortable there.