I have found that this magazine is extremely GLBT friendly. The articles are fun to read, albeit some typos that may be a bit confusing.

The pictures are in great taste and not trashy at all. It tells me everything I need to know and everything I've been curious about in the celebrity world. The website navigates very easily and fast.

It makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin to be reading this online magazine. This is a worldwide new site, which is wonderful, it has news from Australia, Cambodia, and England.

The colors are very easy on the eyes, and everything is laid out in such a way that your eyes aren't caught off guard by something that doesn't belong. The flow of this website is just wonderful. Not only is celebrity news included, but also general issues and ballots around the country. You can now have a legal marriage in Washington state.

There is an article about everything that we would need to know. I love that this magazine supports a lifestyle that's been kept in the shadows for so long, happiness is what is most important, not who someone loves.

The fact that there is no flash or animation on this website helps it load faster. Flashy isn't always better, being able to use a website quickly, navigate quickly, and get pages to load quickly are what is most important.

The advertisements along the left side bar of the pages does not take away from your overall experience here at all. The advertisements are in good taste, and offer something additional to look at if you'd like to while you're reading these greatly entertaining articles.

This website tells it like it is, which is what the GLBT community needs. This is the perfect place to read all of the news that's important to us in one sitting. It will be bookmarked for daily reading, it's that great!