Tattoos refer to body modification that is made by inserting ink beneath the body’s skin and changing the pigment of the skin color. They can be done to every single part of the body and there are several types of tattoos like: tribal tattoos, sleeve tattoos, arm and leg tattoos, back tattoos, neck tattoos, chest tattoos, face tattoos, stomach tattoos and even shoulder tattoos. Let us go back to the historical times and look at the importance of tattoos in several parts of the world.  

History of tattooing

There was no clear existence as to the evidence of tattooing until the discovery of the frozen body of “Otzi the ice man” in the 5000 year. His body had fifty seven tattoos with a six 15 centimeter long lines above his kidney and a cross mark near the inner part of his left knee. There were many parallel lines on the legs, ankles and lumbar. Specialists suggested that his body dated back to 3300 BC-there and about. Let’s look at the tattooing history and practices in different parts of the world during the ancient times. 



In Egypt there were tattooed mummies or bodies that were found dating to the of early times period of XI dynasty. In 1891, the body of priestess of the Hathor-named Amunet, was found, which had several tattooed dots and lines that were geometrical in patterns.



Ancient tattoo in china was prevalent in the Zhou dynasty (from 1045 BC to 256 BC) and was associated with individual or group criminals, gangsters or bandits. Also there was a Chinese practice of tattooing slaves and convict’s faces with Chinese characters from 1614 to 1912 (the Qing dynasty).



Archaeologists have come across the Japanese art of tattooing in different clay figurines from archaic tombs that dates back to 3000 BC. These figurines happen to have human faces that are engraved with tattoo marks. It’s believed that these clay figurines were either living statues or individuals. The purpose was to accompany the dead after life.



Tattooing in England prevailed after Captain Cook returned from Polynesia after a long voyage with a tattoo. King Edward VII, got a Jerusalem cross tattoo in 1862 and in 1862, his sons, the Duke of York and Clarence, were tattooed by the famous Japanese tattooist-Hori Chiyo. 



Practices of body piercings, painting the body and tattooing existed in Persia many thousand years .The material evidence has been found in both Persian literature and archeology. The discovery of idols and stone carvings from the Empire of Achaemenid which existed from 550 BC to 330 BC is a proof that tattooing on Persian gods, soldiers and even kings was a common practice.



Borneo tattoos are the ones that are popularly known as the tribal tattoos in today’s world. Indonesia is one of the uncommon places which have managed to maintain the cultural heritage, which dates back to thousands of years.



The Celtic-tattoo designs are popular all over the world and their artistic and bold patterns give a unique idea of their cultural tattoo art. Celts were found across Western Europe and they began moving in 1200 BC.


Tattoo Idea

There are different types of ideas. Each of the tattoo ides has their own importance. For example, fairly tattoos are very inspirational as they depict freedom, magic as well as innocence.


Tattoo ideas for women

Butterfly: It is the most popular tattoo design for women and can be spotted frequently adorning the lower back. It is believed by the Aztecs to be the souls of those women who died in childbirth and the deceased warriors.

Fairy: It simply refers to holding onto pleasurable childhood memories. The fairies, from our much loved bedtime stories happen to be winged, tiny and magical creatures that may be mischievous but do well.

Kanji tattoos: It is a Japanese script that has characters which represent a complete idea, meaning or object. Kanjis are popular tattoo idea, with characters for hope, strength, happiness, wisdom, courage and love topping the charts.

Star tattoos: They usually comprise clusters of stars and there are different types of star tattoos, each with their own importance. For instance, a popular choice is a shooting star, which is a large star that is followed by a trail of small stars. The pentagram and moon star are other popular used star tattoos and they represent light in the darkness and a guiding light.


Tattoo ideas for men

Tribal tattoos: These are the most popular tattoo ideas for men. This is because of their fierce, bold black strokes and their spiritual meaning. Examples of tribal tattoos for men include: Native American, Scorpion, African, Hawaiian and Polynesian tribal tattoos.

Dragon tattoos: These tattoos are valued in Chinese and Japanese cultures. The dragon symbolizes strength, fierceness, courage and power.

Zodiac tattoos: They have power to influence our own lives.

Cross tattoos: Apart from the religious aspect that a cross-tattoo holds, it can be reinvented and recreated in different artistic and beautiful ways.

Celtic tattoos: They appear to be more masculine and give a classic look to the design. The Celtic knots help create a unique artistic magic to the whole tattoo design. These tattoos are inked in blue and black and have visible lines and strokes which give the tattoos a “manly” look. Examples of Celtic tattoos include: Celtic cross, Celtic sleeve, Celtic motherhood knot and the Celtic tree of life.


Tattoo placement ideas

If you are not sure as to where you can place or ink your tattoo, the first thing you require to do is decide your size and design. When you’ve these factors clear, choosing the location won’t take time. Some of the common areas where men and women like to get tattoos are:

  • Biceps
  • Chest
  • Upper back
  • Forearms
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Shoulder blades
  • Front of neck
  • Wrist
  • Fingers
  • Stomach

In conclusion, tattoos are permanent body art and the removal process is very difficult. For this reason, do not try to get a tattoo unless you’re convinced it is what you need for the long term. The processes of removal treatment are painful, expensive and long. A tattoo happens to be a permanent decision and you should make yours wisely by perusing through different tattoos ideas, designs, placement and meanings to help you make the correct decision. You are less likely to make a serious mistake in selecting your tattoo if you take the right advice