Scripted offers the guarantee of a good match between the client and the writer. You can place an order for your needed content and the site will find you an experienced freelancer who will deliver your piece in 3 business days from the date of your submission. After you review the content, if you’re not pleased, you can always send the article back for a re-write.

The site also provides an extra service for those who need content, but don’t dispose of the necessary time required in order to come up with new and interesting topics. For such clients, a “Get Pitches” segment is available, where you can choose topics that are pitched by the writers. By selecting your topic from here, your piece will be written in 5 business days.

Scripted offers a wide range of specialized writing styles: standard blog posts, website pages, tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, video scripts, email newsletters, white papers and long blog posts. For each aforementioned category, the price is listed. By accessing any of the categories enumerated above, you will also be able to select your industry type tab, from entertainment to sports and fitness or publishing/journalism.