The website operates through a user-friendly platform, for both writers and requesters. In order to become a member, all you need to do is to complete your profile and you will have instant content access.

iWriter uses a star ranking system, thus avoiding any inconveniences that may result from inexperienced writers working on difficult articles. As a writer, you have to pave your way and get through 30 positive ratings in order to become a Premium or Elite writer. By earning a better rank, automatically the price per article increases.

 As a client, you can get content by submitting your request to any of the 3 categories which express the writer’s rank: Standard, Premium or Elite. If you really liked a certain article, you can add that writer to your favorites list and you can send special requests to one or more writers you’ve enjoyed working with. 

Work statistics for writers as well as for clients are available and you can always review your past projects, articles or re-writes. Either your intent is to use this site in order to make money by writing articles or you wish to request articles to be written, the home page features tutorials for both writers and clients.